Sunday, April 17, 2022

Louise Candlish: The Other Passenger

Louise Candlish show me how fast people can go from strangers to friends to enemies:

Jamie Buckby had an incident that leaves him with a fear of the metro. He now travels to work via ferry on the Thames. He has been taking the ferry for awhile when he starts to see the same people and they become friends. He becomes closer with Kit who’s wife turn out to work with Jamie’s common law. This is the beginning of a tremulous relationship between the two couples, especially at just after Christmas Kit is not one the boat. The police suspect that Jamie had something to do with his disappearance as he has reason to want him gone. But what can they know about their private lives, and who is this other passenger who is pointing the finger at Jamie. No matter the coincidences that might have occurred Jamie swears by his innocence, but just how innocent is he?

This is the first book that I have read by Candlish but I had heard that she was great for twists and turns but I felt like this book just plotted along with not really much happening. It was basically a domestic “suspense” (I use that term lightly) of two couples who were friends then have falling out but yet the husbands still see each other everyday on the ferry and are still chummy with each other even though they dislike each other. Fun times, not really.

I didn't like any of the characters, everyone just seemed so self-centered, and just together for money at times . I mean I do not have to actually like characters to enjoy a book, but all the characters just seemed dreary and dull, even the affair that occurs is not overly exciting except maybe one scene.

The overall plot is clever but I was able to figure out most of it, and it just takes a long damn time to get twist to the first major twist.

This book wasn’t for me. I didn’t mind Candlish’s writing style or overall plot but it was just too boring to get to what was happening. I’m torn if I would read another book by Candlish, maybe someone can recommend an amazing one?


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