Monday, June 20, 2022

Ruby Dixon: Ice Planet Barbarians

In the first of a series, Ruby Dixon show what could happen when a group of women crash land on an ice planet:

It was just another normal night for Georgie, well minus the crazy dream and very bright light. That is when Georgie wakes up and realizes she is not in bed and has been abducted by aliens, possible a good or bad thing she is not the only one. You would think that being abducted would be the worst thing, but when you are seen a just cargo crash landing might not be so bad. Georgie is the only one that is fit enough to try and find some sort of help, what she finds is a whole lot more than that.

If you have been following my reviews for awhile you will know that this is not a book that I would normally pick up but I am trying to read more out of my comfort zone genres. I have seen this book/series recommended by several people and thought to give it a try. Well I really enjoyed this book, I read it in just over a day (it is a shorter book though) but I found that I was invested in the story and characters right from the start. It had everything you would expect from other genres, just with some added sex scenes thrown in, but they did not take away from the overall story or characters, it was woven well right into the story and made sense.

I like Georgie as a character and her drive to survive but she does not only want herself to survive but the women that she came with as well. She does everything she can on a strange planet with a strange Alien in order to achieve that and I do not think you can fault her for that. She also has some funny one liners that she uses throughout. Vektal was very much the barbarians one would want when reading in this genre, though it was a little trying after awhile hearing about the resonance over and over again.

I think the on thing that I did not like about the book was how the language was shown in the text. I fully get that they are unable to understand each other as they are from two different planets, but I felt  when I was reading Vektal parts when he was trying to understand what Georgie was trying to say it was like a bad game of Mad Libs (did I just date myself there?) and it took me out of the flow of the story.

Erotica/Smut/Romance always gets a bad rap for some reason about those books not counting as reading but pretty sure you need to read the words on the page to get through the book but I feel logic is beyond those people. They also say there is not story or plot around those stories, also 100% untrue. This book is no exception, it has a story/plot of wanting to survive, it just may not be the typical survival story you are used to reading.

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to those who enjoy these genres and maybe to those as well that want to try something in this genre. I mean for all the sex it was really PG sex (minus is being with an Alien) at that, so a good one to experiment with in my opinion. I'm going to try the next book in the series and see how it goes, Some major plot aspects were wrapped up in this book, so I'm not sure where Dixon is going to take the next story but I am going to try it.


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