Monday, September 19, 2022

Rachel Griffin: Wild is the Witch

Rachel Griffin, take readers to the wilderness chasing a curse that was never supposed to be released:

When Iris was forced to leave her old home, she vowed never to let anyone know that she was a witch again. This made her a loaner and isolated at the animal sanctuary her mom now owned but she was okay with that as she had her animal friends. When a student intern named Pike started working at the sanctuary it suddenly did not become the haven it had been before. In order to vent her frustration surrounding Pike she crafts a curse against him that she has no intention in casting, but at the last minute the curse is stolen by a bird. Now Iris must find the bird and remove the curse from within it or more than Pike will be in danger from the curse she cast.

This book is not my typical read as it is YA and more on the contemporary romance genre side, and really in a nut shell it is about a teenage girl who makes a decision that she instantly regrets. Now Griffin adds the aspect of Witches and Magic into the mix and makes it all into an intriguing story. It also helps that I think that this book was beautifully written. I felt that Griffin was able to bring me into the world and story with each word written.

I enjoyed the world that Griffin created and the idea that witches specialize in certain kind of magic and what a witch can influence; Humans, Nature or Animals. This allows them to influence those aspects in either positive or negative ways. They cannot right out command it but with the right amount of influence it can seem that way. The also have the ability to write spells and curses by this is not fully explored in the book, other than the plot aspect of it.

Iris specializes in Animals and this is perfect as she works at a nature sanctuary as it allows her and her mom to really connect with animals. Iris is a typical teenager that has suffered a loss of family and friendship and in order to protect herself she does not let anyone in, even the cute boy who teases her nonstop. She does not want anyone to know that she is a witch for fear of the hurt that it will bring her. This is especially felt when  Iris and Pike are alone in the forest searching for the Owl. All Iris really want is to belong.

While the suspense is not great in the book, I never felt like I was on the edge of my seat, you can feel how much Iris wants to make right for what she did. Also I was surprised at the path that Griffin took in the story

I really enjoyed this story, much more than I thought I would and I would recommend it to someone who would like an easy witchy read. If Griffin decides to continue Iris' story I would read another book with her as the main character, and if Griffin decides to revisit this world in another book I would read that too.

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