Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Hannah Mary McKinnon: You Will Remember Me

Hannah Mary McKinnon shows how far people will go to make sure the one they love gets their memory back:

He wakes up on a deserted beach, and does not know who is or how he ended up on the beach, survival instincts take over and he knows he has to get off the beach and get warm. Lily wakes up and realizes that her boyfriend Jack never made it over last night and starts to panic when she is unable to find him. Maya has been hoping her step-brother Ash would come home one day after disappearing two years ago. Her hopes are raised when she receives a mysterious phone call. The problem is that Ash cannot remember anything, not even his name and he has two people who love him, but one is wanting him to make sure that some memories stay buried.

This is the first book that I have read by McKinnon and I enjoyed the book, I am a bit confused as to whether I was supposed to have it figured out within the first quarter of the book. I found it pretty obvious what was going to happen, so that is where my confusion is, like we were as the reader supposed to figure it out and wait for the other characters t catch up? If yes, this really took the suspense out of the book for me.

I really liked the format of this book, with having the three POV and that it worked better in the beginning before Ash got his name back as he was just the Man on the beach. I think that it hindered the book the farther into the books as it let the reader know what all of the characters were thinking and wanting to achieve, which took some of the suspense out of the book

The level of manipulation is off the charts in this book and I think that each of the characters take part in some form of it, whether they are aware of it or not. It was hard to read at times to read about what one of the characters were willing to do in order to get their way. It was interesting to see when Ash did not know who he was at the beginning listening to his instincts and what came to his mind right away.

This was going to be a 3 star read for me but I totally upped it to 3.5 just for the ending. Yes, McKinnon that is how you delivery an ending. I totally want to read more by her just for that ending and going a different road and not being the norm.

I'm excited for what McKinnon may be bringing to the table within the thriller/suspense genre and I look forward to reading another book by her.

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