Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Alice Feeney: His & Hers

Alice Feeney takes the reader to a His & Hers case, where you never know who is telling the truth:

Anna Andrews had her dream job but then it was snatched away from her and she was sent back to do field work as a reporter. She never imagined that on one of her first story she would be covering a murder from the small town that she grew up in, a place she never wanted to return to. When the victim turns out to be a friend she had growing up, Anna finds her self trying to solve what happened but also finds that that she is a suspect as well. It also does not help that her ex-husband is the DI in charge of the case. But Jack has his own secrets to keep, he knows the victim as well but much more recently and he may be a suspect in his own murder investigation. Someone isn't telling the truth, and that is going to be deadly.

This is the first book that I have read by Feeney so I was not sure what to expect and what I received was a mystery/thriller book that had me continually changing my mind as to who the murderer was. This book has so many twists and turns and just when you think you’ve figured it out there is another possibility around the bend or some new evidence that comes forward that makes your suspect look innocent. I went back and forth many times that by the end I will say that I had not, at that time, picked the correct person who was the killer. So high points for that Feeney, very high points. Feeney was able to weave a well thought out and dark plot throughout the book and this shines through with ever twist that she puts in there that you do not see coming.

It’s hard to really like either of the main characters, as they are both really flawed in their own way and at times so extremely selfish that they put not only themselves but others at risk unnecessarily. Honestly, there were times when I questioned their actions to the point of would someone really do this/make this decision, especially Jack as a police officer. I guess them having flaws makes them more human and I guess root for them not to be killed as well murder is a horrible thing but there was just not a lot of likeable qualities between the two of them.

I enjoyed that this had multiple points of views, literately, His and Hers, as the book is titled. There are also a few chapters in which we get to hear from the killer, as they talk about how they achieved the murder and why that individual had to die. This makes the book out to be a bit of a game by having the story structured this way, you need to determine who is telling the truth and who is not as well as determine who has the biggest motive to have these women killed. So that made the book more engaging and fun to read

As the first book tat I have read by Feeny I know that this will not be the last. Any book where I cannot figure out who the killer is will have me picking up the other books that they have written. If you're looking for a twisty serial killer book, then this one is for you.


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