Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Debra Dunbar: A Demon Bound

Debra Dunbar begins a new series where all a demon wants to do is cause a little havoc now and then:

Samantha Martin just want to sit by the pool, drink some beer, ogle her neighbour Wyatt and play some pranks on unsuspecting humans every once in awhile. I mean what more could a demon ask for. Samantha knows that she has to limit her powers so the Angles don't find her, but that is not a problem she has been living up side on Earth for around 40 years now, she's got this. But when her hellhound lands her in trouble she is blackmailed into finding a killer who is killing shifters and they want the murderer taken care of. Problem is there seems to be something Holy going on and as much as Samantha wanted to avoid Angles, she may not be able to do that much longer.

This was a really fun read and a lot better than I expected. I enjoyed the characters and world that Dunbar created and I liked that the Demons were Demons, but not too Demonie (aka just trying to destroy the world, Sam actually likes the would as it is) and that the Angels are not these amazing do gooders that have no feelings or cruelty in them. Really Dunbar kind of made them a little more human than a lot of books do and the characters and story line are better for it. This is not so much a mystery read, but chasing your prey/killer one which I was okay with, it was a little different angle for the genre.

I really like Samantha as a character, she is an Imp and is not ashamed of being a Demon, really she relishes in it at times. She loves causing mayhem and trouble for the humans around her. She is a fun character who is not only smart, fun and snarky as hell, but she's also not set out on hurting or killing people endlessly. She just wants to have a little fun causing some mayhem here and there. Samantha is also pretty much a horn dog, but really for any human that she finds attractive, so there is quite a bit of hearing how sexy she finds a person and what she thinks sex with them will be like. So not really a romance read, but Samantha often finds really any reason you can think of to take her clothes off.

I am still trying to find a replacement for Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels series (though I just saw that there is a Julie book coming out next year) and that is how I came across this book. While this book does not live up the the Daniels series, there were several things that I liked about this book that would have me continuing on with the series.


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