Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Marissa Meyer: Renegades

Marissa Meyer takes readers to a world where superheros are real, think they know what it best, but not everyone thinks that way:

The Renegades won the war between the superheroes, the prodigies, and those that lost are in hiding, but forever planning to overthrow the Renegades. Nova has reasons to hate the Renegades and she has made it her mission to bring them down any way she can. When Nova goes undercover at the Renegades to try and bring it down from the inside, she meet Adrian. A guy that believes in the Renegades, what they do and he believes in Nova as well. Nova begins to question her allegiance and everything she knows and the fate of the world will be shaped by Nova's actions and what she decides.

This is the second series that I have started by Meyers and I must say that I enjoyed this book much better than the Lunar Chronicles and I think that is due to the fact that this book has darker elements to it (granted I only read the first book in the series as it was just okay read for me). If you have watched Amazon Prime's The Boys shows there are some parallels between the two shows, with supers thinking that they know best for the city as well as abusing their power at times as well. There is also the belief that not all supers are created equal, which you can tell during the trials they have to select new members of their team. I have not read a super hero based book in a long long time, so this was also a refreshing read for me as well. Something new and different that I have not read in a long time.

Nova is a very interesting character, she has a super tragic past which has shaped who she is and in becoming Nightmare, but she has lots that she still needs to learn about life and the difference between right and wrong. I like that Nova starts to question everything she knows after becoming part of the Renegades, which I think any person would be surrounded by so many people that hold the opposite perspective from you. Nova is smart, inventive, adaptive and when she wants to be manipulative, which in my opinon means she's a pretty awesome main character.

There was some teenage drama/relationship within the book, but this did not bother me, as it was pretty puppy dog like, it did add some elements to the story so it wasn't just put there to have it and it was not a love triangle (thankfully).

I will saw that I saw the big twist in the end, but I was happy that I was right and I think that it will create an interesting story for the next book in the series and I am really excited to see where Meyers takes the story-line.


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