Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reena Jacobs: Shadow Cat

In her debut Indie paranormal novel, Reena Jacobs takes the reader to the Rainforest of Malaysia where the Tigers are more than what they seem.

Berani, is a novice shaman in her tribe, she is free and independent has the rainforest as her playground, but all is not well in her homeland. Her homeland is being attacked on two fronts, one from the Humans and another from some evil forces that that are causing her and their way of life to become extinct. However, Berani is unable to keep her eyes off one human in particular, he has invaded her land and will cause nothing but trouble but she can seem to stay away from her, he calls to something inside her. Eric is in Malaysia to search for the next big thing in the pharmaceutical industry, but he may just find himself in need of some pain medication, if he tries to control Berani but then some pains are worth it.

I already know that some people who have been reading my reviews for awhile now know that this is not a typical read for me, and know that I am not the biggest fan of paranormal romance. However, when Reena Jacobs asked me to review her book, I was honest with her and told her that it was not my preferred genre and gave her an example of where I believed there was too much sex and not enough storyline. I thought that she would say no thanks to me reviewing her book, but to my surprise, she asked me to review her book and was really looking for My Honest opinion about the book. I really admire Jacobs for asking and wanting this.

Okay, so my thoughts on the book is that it was meh, also know as slightly below okay (but take note, that this is not a genre I would normally read). The book was able to keep me somewhat entertained but I did Not have the feeling that I could not put it down. I found there was still a few too many sex scenes in the book for me, and that the romance part was the book is the main aspect, the hunt of the penanggalan was secondary and does not really become a somewhat major aspect till the end of the book. True the penanggalan is a creepy type of a creature once you find out what they actually are, but the focus was really away from them that I did not the dark or horror sense of them that was maybe intended.

Jacobs did a good job at setting up this world inside of the Malaysian rainforest and what life would be like there for a tribe to live there and the difficulties of being an undiscovered tribe and have Humans encroaching more and more on their territory. You also get the tribes and Berani sense of urgency about protecting everything they know when humans enter and destroy their territory. Also Jacobs grasp of the Malaysian culture, beliefs and language were an added bonus as it showed that she did her research and tried to make it as authentic as possible. I mean if there was an undiscovered tribe within the Malaysian rainforest and they spoke English, I'm pretty sure I would have put the book down right there.

I do have one ponder about the book, that could maybe (and I stress maybe) lead me to read a second book about Eric and Berani and that is Berani's experience within the city. Jungle to city, would be an interesting transition. I believe I would have enjoyed the book more if it was darker and had less romance, but that is really my personal preference.

I believe that people who are a fan of paranormal romance and/or indie books will enjoy this book. To me it was something different from other paranormal romance books that I have read (keep in mind I have not read too many) and I believe it would keep lovers of the genre entertained. So next time you are looking for a were romance book, try this indie book.


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