Monday, March 28, 2011

Julie Kenner: Torn

If you have not read the first book in this series Tainted, then this review will have spoilers for the first book. I do have a review of Tainted already on this website, so I would recommend reading that before you read any further on this review. Okay now that you have been warned about possible spoilers.....

Julie Kenner bring us the next installment of the Blood Lily chronicles, where Lily is forced to work for the dark side in order to save the one thing that helps her hold onto the human world and her sanity, her sister Rose.

Lily knows that she has screwed up big time. She has not prevented the hell gate from being locked, actually she is the reason why the gate was not locked. She was working for the wrong side, the dark side who had convinced her that they were light. This does not mean that she has given up, but things just got a lot more complicated, especially now that Clarance has assigned Lily a side kick Kiera, who Lily doesn't know if she can trust. Then there is Deacon, who is a Demon who is supposedly working for the light side, but after being betrayed once Lily isn't sure she can trust him, even though she has an attraction to him. And then in the background the man who haunts Lily and Rose, Johnson, who is responsible for all the sorrow, hurt and death in both their lives. Lily is going to need all her whits about her in order to keep going, all she can do is trust her instinct and hope this time she has chosen the right side.

Not going to lie, it has been a bit since I read the first book in the series Tainted. It is just one of those things that you always mean to get around to but never quite do.This is why I appreciated that Kenner did a little bit of a recap of what happened in the first books, just to refresh my memory, nothing long just a page or two (I mean I have read quite a few books since I read the first book, I believe it was over a year ago now).

I really have to admire Lily for always putting her sister first before anything, and really just wanting to protect her, I mean Lily died to protect Rose. There is no greater sacrifice than that. But the question Lily really has to face is the age old philosophy question "Kill one to save Ten" or in this case kill one to save the world and this really becomes the main premise of the book, and what the storyline is focused around and what decision Lily will make.

I liked the introduction of a partner for Lily, Kiera who is another kickass warrior who has the special ability to smell whether an individual is human or demon, and she has no problems taking them out when the time comes. But you feel for Lily because she is always wondering if Kiera is really on her side, and can actually help and trust her. Kiera is very similar to Lily and does speak about how she is Tainted as well before she was brought over to fight for the "light" but the main difference there was that she was "allowed" to keep her own body. But you always have to wonder if Kiera is just another manipulating maneuver from the Dark.

The only thing I wish there was a bit more of is the use and development of all the powers that Lily has acquired from killing Demons. I mean in this book there was very little use of her powers, other than what her blood is able to do. There was very little talk about the blood lust that she had acquired. I guess what I am trying to say I wish there was a little bit more action, there are a few fighting scenes but they never seemed to be with Lily using her powers. I began wonder if Kenner is unsure of how Lily should use all the powers and power that she has acquired, and possible bit off more than she thought when she introduced the concept. I still really like to concept as it is something different I just think that is needs to be developed a bit more.

This book and series would be enjoyed by the individuals who like paranormal books but also those who like paranormal romance. I think that Kenner has done a good job with appealing to individuals who enjoy both of these genres. Yes, there is some romance, sex and  tension between Lily and Deacon, that I will admit that I enjoyed, as it was not constant.

I think that this series has developed along really well into the second book, and the stony line is getting better as the books seem to go on. I do wonder what the next book will hold, and I hope I do not wait as long to read the next book as I did to read this one.


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  1. Good review, I am not very familiar with this series, but I am adding it to my to-read shelf. I think it is right up my alley!