Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dakota Banks: Sacrifice

Okay, first off this a the Second Book in a series so you will Need to read the first book Dark Time, in order to truly understand what is going on in this series and understand who Maliha was and now is. Also there will be some spoilers below for the first book, so if you are interested in reading this series you Do Not want to read below.

Alright, now that the warning has been taken care of (read more at your own risk for spoilers) Dakota Banks is back with another intense novel, about one women's desire to make amends for the deaths she has caused in her extended ageless life on Earth, and her hope to eventually rid the world of demons who are forever meddling in the human world.

A cover up is happening in Africa. Villages are being burned to the ground, where none of the villagers are surviving. This mystery intrigues Maliha and may possible give her a chance to balance out her scales. However, Maliha has entered into a dangerous game, where there is a powerful company and possible ageless connection which puts everyone that Maliha cares about in Danger. Maliha will discover that her scales work both ways, if she is the cause of innocence's death. And through all the chaos happening, Maliha is on her search for more pieces to the puzzle that will help her eradicate the Demons once and for all. But if she thought this action would go unnoticed, she has a Roman Warrior Ageless to deal with at each turn, trying to prevent her from succeeding. Maliha is not sure if these two challenges will be the death of her, and Maliha knows that Rasishu is watching her every move and waiting for Maliha to come back to him dead or alive, the choice is hers.

I love this series. It's dark, gritty and with a take no prisoners attitude, with No Apology in sight for the storyline being this way. This fast pacing novel has lots of action throughout which will have you reading this book in one sitting. Definitely a book that I did not want to put down.

I know I have been saying how much I have been disliking the kick-ass heroine attitude lately, but the reason I think that I have been disliking them so much is that a lot of them complain nonstop (you have to know the few books/heroines like that) and they are so wrapped up in their men troubles that their character and the storyline suffers. I liked the direction that Banks has moved the book along, even though Maliha may have taken a step back in character development by some readers standards, I look at it as Maliha knowing what is needs to be done in order to get the job done. If she has to go back and become the Black Ghost in order to save her friends and the people in the world I say the more power to her. It is not like she is some frivolous girl who is trying to defeat the dark, she has been part of the dark and knows the best way to destroy them (isn't there a saying about knowing your enemy like a brother....).

I like that the book was not about her Maliha relationship with Jake. Some people who are a fan of more paranormal romance may have wanted more in this aspect. But I like how Maliha put the job, saving lives before the Guy (a refreshing change within the paranormal genre as a whole). The book has minimal interaction with Jake and I think she will have to address their relationship at a later date especially with the introduction of Lucious, but the reason I love Bank's first and second novel, is the romance is always in the background.

This one of my must read paranormal series, I really want to find out more and what will happen when her scales are finally balanced out. Banks novels keep you entertained, are action packed and, have that dark edge that I love. Banks, does not promise that everyone and everything will come out with a happy ending in the end, which is fantastic (in my opinion, i'm not a fan of the whole cookie cutter aspect) as it keeps the reader guessing and waiting to see what will happen in the end and who will be left standing.


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