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Molly Harper: Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men

First off, there is a first book to this series which is Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs. You may want to read the first book before this one, as it sets the scene for everything that has happened, how Jane became a vampire and the overall dynamic between Jane and her family is set within the first book. With that said, if you read below, there may be a few spoilers.

It's the wedding of the century, or at least it would be considered if you were Jolene and Zeb. They have decided to have a night wedding to accommodate their vampire brides maids and grooms men, though I am sure that Jane, Gabriel and Dick were wishing that they didn't. You think that a Titanic theme wedding Jolene and Zeb could have predicted that things would go wrong (Yes I did say Titanic Themed). While Jane is forced to help keep the loving couple together there are forces that even Jane does not want to mess with....Mama Ginger, who is frantically trying to end the wedding. Trying to balance wedding plans, Mama Ginger, and figuring out what dating the undead is all about you think that would be enough in Jane's life. But there is something strange about her Gramma's new fiance, something that Jane's family is probably not ready for. Oh and she is attempting to accomplish all of this while wearing the worlds Ugliest wedding dress, Jane hopes things don't get any worse but in Jane's life you really never know.

I think the best way to describe this book and series is Cute. This is pure paranormal romance. While in the first book there was some semblance of mystery in the second book, there is really nothing of the sort. Jane is trying to figure out her life still and what has taken center stage is her relationship with Gabriel. The book also focuses on the plans for the wedding of Zeb and Jolene, and all the crazy stunts Mama Ginger does through in her attempt to get Zeb and Jane together and cause overall mayhem from the Jolene as possible.

Although this is not my typical read in the paranormal genre and I know in the first I would use this book as an escape, the lack of mystery you think would have turned me off of the book completely, but for some reason I continued to read and found myself invested in the characters. I think it was just "time" for me to read a book like this and that is why I enjoyed it normally than I think I would. I enjoy the craziness associated with Jane's family and everything that Mama Ginger attempted to thrown the wedding off (I personally think I would have killed her if I was Jolene but her antics did leave me laughing so who could ask for more).

You get to see Jane and Gabriel's relationship develop the Love word is exchanged, but I really didn't get the love feel from their relationship, seemed forced if you ask me. Jane also has quite a bit of interaction with her family, which i find really interesting, in the overall family dynamic of it and how Jane has also been able to create her own undead family. I think the best part of Harper's writing style is the humour she uses though out the book. I find her pretty Witty, and funny throughout and the situations Jane seems to get into are pretty funny. I am also left wondering how she came up with all the antics that Mama Ginger did to cancel the wedding, made me think maybe she had some sort of personal experience on this part.

I did have a few issues with the book. The amount of times Jane used Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austin to help her figure out what type of woman she wanted to be, became a little much. I understand that Jane Loves Jane Austin and all of her works, but I think using her books to help you in reality all the time is a little much. I also disliked that she let Gabriel get away from having a secret involving some woman named Jeanine. I think I disliked it even more as we do not find out what this secret is at all is this book. I kept wondering where Jane's backbone had gone to. And I believe that I stated above that the lack of mystery within the book, was disappointing as there was some in the first book, and I was hoping that Harper would have continued on with that type of story line.

If you are a fan of paranormal romance books, you will like this series. If you do not like paranormal romance, I suggest not reading past the first book, as this book lacks the mystery of the first.


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