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Interview & Giveaway: Maegan Beaumont

I read Maegan Beaumont's debut Carved in Darkness and lets just say it was amazing. I couldn't wait to get my hands on the her second book Sacrificial Muse that came out earlier this year and it does not disappoint. Please welcome to Blood Rose Books:

Maegan Beaumont

You now have two books in your Sabrina Vaughn series, how has your writing process changed from Craved in Darkness to Sacrificial Muse?
It’s much more focused. When I wrote Carved, I was writing whenever I felt like it. Now that I’m under contract, I’m writing like it’s my job. Because it is. I don’t have the luxury of writers’ block or I don’t feel like it today… which is a good thing.
What have you learned about yourself from book one to book two?
That I can actually do this. My first books wasn’t a fluke—I am a real writer.
As a reader I became very attached to your characters, I cannot think of how attached you would have become to all your characters. Is it hard to put them through all the pain and emotional turmoil they go through, especially Sabrina and Michael’s relationship?
Sometimes I sit back, after writing a scene and think to myself, wow, what am I doing to these poor people? It makes it easier to know that it’s all a part of their growing process and that they’ll be better and stronger in the end but yeah—sometimes I feel bad.
What do you think is the most defining characteristic of Sabrina and Michael?
They’re both loyal to a fault and they both carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.
I know that your second book, Sacrificial Muse, was just released in July, but can you share any information about book number three?
Book three, Promises to Keep, is Michael’s story and it’ll be told in two parts. We’ll see him in in the past—in the months leading up to his sister’s disappearance—and in the present during his search for a missing child. The past and present come together and we get a look at what Michael’s decisions have cost him and how he goes about making it right.
Can you share how many books you believe there will be in your Sabrina Vaughn series? What do you think are the main components of writing a successful series?
I’ve got plans for 4 or 5. Book 4 will take Sabrina back to Yuma, where she was held captive as a young woman. She’ll be hunting a serial killer who preys on migrant farm workers. Book 5 will be Ben’s book.

I think the most important part of writing a successful series is your characters. Your audience has to love them or they won’t feel compelled to follow them.

If there was one author you could co-write a novel with (they can be alive or dead) who would you choose and why?
Hmmm… I’d have to say it’s a toss-up between Lee Child and Chelsea Cain. I love their main protags—Jack Reacher and Archie Sheridan. Reacher is just as tough as Sabrina and Sheridan is just as messed-up emotionally. I think they’d be interesting together.

What is one book (other than one of your own) that you think should be a must read for everyone?
The Stand by Stephen King. So many rich, diverse characters and a fully developed universe. He gives us hope and at the same time, a feeling of inevitability. Not a lot of writers can do that.

Thank you Maegan for once again being part of my Blogoversary (you can check out Maegan answers from last years questions here). I personally cannot wait to read the third book and the hear Michael's story as his past has intrigued me from the beginning. Maegan has very nicely offered a Giveaway (US) to go along with her interview. One lucky person will recieve a Copy of Carved in Darkness and Sacrificial Muse, so enter the rafflecopter information below :)
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