Friday, September 19, 2014

Sean Black: Post

Sean Black is an action adventure author who's newest novel is all about how far the government will go to create the perfect soldier:

Byron Tibor is a war veteran who is exhausted from the amount of combat he has seen. Often working alone to infiltrate where no one else can, on his last mission things get too much for him and he has decided he has had enough. Haunted by a little girl he struggles to maintain his humanity and sanity and when doctors approach him with a cure to help with his PTSD, he doesn't know the consequences of saying yes. Byron thinks that he has become sane again, can return to his loving wife, but there is something very wrong with Byron, past and present are intermingling in his mind and Bryon does not know which war zone he is going to end up in next. Byron is on the run as the cure is not working as it should and there are a string of bodies that he is leaving behind that puts him on everyone's hit list.

I really enjoy action adventure novels that inject a bit of sci-fi into their story as you never know what militaries and governments around the world are willing to do to get the edge on the competition. It was interesting that Black decided to use a process that would overcome PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as this does occur to many people who serve the public whether it be within the army or police department ect. Having the ability to overcome what has haunted a person in combat would be a great achievement but with anything there can be side effects to the process and for this one let’s just say the body count increases.

Byron is an interesting character, and I was immediately drawn to him in his first chapter. He has so much going on mentally with his memories and whether he is in the past present or even where on Earth he believes he it. This makes the chapters from Byron's point of view very interesting as you never really know what you are going to get. This also affect's Byron's overall state of mind as you can imagine not really knowing what is true can make it difficult to deal with any reality. Also to have to live again some of your worst moments in combat would be hard for anyone to try to deal with mentally. Byron is also very deadly character, what he is able to achieve as one man is amazing.

There are quite a few point if views in this so if you do not like that you're not going to enjoy this book. I think these multiple point of view may have hindered the book some as I feel like the plot was never fully developed; there are still holes in the story that were not filled. I am not sure if this going to be a series or not, but I feel like there are things left over once this book was done. I would read another book in this series, mainly just for Byron and I hope that he would have more chapters from his point of view; and really for being a story really based around him, there were too many other and sometime insignificant, people given more time than Black needed to give them.

This is a short read action packed as it is 259 pages on my nook, so really easy to read this one in one sitting if you can get past all the point of view. I really liked the concept that Black brought forward and found that it was very current for today as more information and people come forward with hoe PTSD has affected their lives. I would read another book by Black and if this is a series I would continue on in it as long as Byron got more chapter time.

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