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Susan Ee: End of Days

As this book is a trilogy you will need to read the first two books in the series Angel Fall (one of the best debuts I have read and it completely caught me off guard which was even better) and World End, in order to understand the fight that is coming as well as the relationship that Penryn and Raffe have developed.

Susan Ee is back with the conclusion of her End of Day Trilogy and it is a fight for the human race:

Penryn and Raffe are on the run after escaping the angels of the aerie. They are on the search for the twisted doctor who transformed Penryn's sister Paige into some form of a monster/human hybrid to see if he can fix her as well as Raffe's wings. But the angles are never far behind and Penryn now has a price on her head that makes her an attractive target for humans and angels alike. When apocalyptic nightmares are released on the human, the Angels know that the end battle is here and that the humans must be cleansed from the Earth to prevent it from falling into darkness. Penryn and Raffe are forced to choose a side, their own kind or each other.

I Loved this book, I was a little concerned about how Ee was going to end this trilogy as I found the second book a little slow and basically a remake of the first but holy crap, Ee did not disappoint with this book. This book had the spark of the first book in the series that I was hoping and waiting for.

I really liked the darkness that Ee introduced with the inclusion of scenes from the Pit. I also liked learning about Beliel through Pookie Bear. The tortures that he and the fellow watches suffered because they fell in love with the woman of men were very dark and I was surprised (but a good surprise) once again about the amount of detail that Ee chose to go into for those scenes This was one of the aspects that I found missing in the second book and the scenes in the Pit also added to the overall suspense of the book.

As this is classified as a New Adult or YA book I was not sure how far Ee was going to take Penryn and Raffe's relationship.
This is a YA book so you know that Penryn is going to be awkward about the relationship, not know how to proceed and maybe make some bad choices, this is what happens in adolescent and I think this might even be heightened if you grow up in a apocalyptic world and have to take care of your family before anything else. Guys are really the last thing on your mind.

As you have read in the previous two books they do care for each other but know that it is bound or relationship that they are unable to act on. I personally like that the entire plot was not completely centered around their needing to be together, they understand each other on a different level than that. Raffe knows that Penryn will do what she can to make sure that people survive and Penryn knows that Raffe needs to be with the Angels as that is who he is. They accept each other for who they are and I think that is the best part of their relationship, yes they both want to take it to a different level and there is some of that in this book albeit it is a bit clumsy especially on Penryn's part, but I don’t think it ever would have got there if the plot was centered around their romance. Although I will admit I thought there would be a different ending to this book around their relationship.

There were some things in this book that I found were not fully answered, explored or were hinted there would be more but never was. These aspects are mainly centered on Penryn's sister Paige. I think this is where Ee fell flat in this book. Within the book it was made to seem like Paige may actually be the saviour of Man with some of their new abilities and Locust friends, but once these ideas were introduced they seemed to fall by the wayside. And in the second book we discover that Paige has to now eat human flesh and she struggles with doing this so she starves herself because of how wrong it feels to her. I think the issues with Paige are wrapped up too neatly, off page and were not explored enough in this book as they should have been,

As a trilogy I was very satisfied of how Ee had the book play out and how it ended. That said would I would be okay if Ee decided to continue to write in this world, yep I would pick up future books, but I would worry about the story getting stale wonder what Ee will do next and I cannot wait to find out.


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