Saturday, October 30, 2010

Elisabeth Naughton: Marked

In her debut into the paranormal romance genre, Naughton, has taken the Gods from Greece, transferred them to this day, and age and shown how even after thousands of years, some Gods are still be fascinated by Humans.

Casey (a Human) is just trying to find her place in the world, after her grandmother died and she is alone. She works two jobs to attempt to keep her grandmothers book stop afloat now which she feels is her only real connection to the world, to something. Theron is a descendant of Hercules and the leader of the Argonuats, who are sworn to protect the portal between the Human world, the Underworld and Aroglea (which is the barrier before one has access to Olympus). Casey and Theron meet by mistake as he travels into the Human world to retrieve his FiancĂ© who is curious about the Human world and it is hinted, the women. He is able to return her without harm to Aroglea but he is attacked by Daemons who are in service to Atlanta. Atlanta, in this book was granted immortality by Hades as well as control of Daemons, with the bargain that every Argonuat she kills their soul will go right to the Underworld and Hades will give her more power which gives Atlanta the ability to attack Aroglea where she believe she belongs. Casey comes upon Theron being attacked by the Daemons, becoming badly wounded and ends up saving his life. Theron will not let Casey take him to a hospital and she is forced to take him to her place, stitch up his wounds and hope he heals. Good thing for her and Theron, that he is a fast healer. When he wakes up, he feels a strange attraction to Casey, something he thought would not be possible as she is a Human. Casey does not understand this stranger in her home, or what has happened to her tonight, but she can’t fight her attraction to him and she really does not want to. But when Theron disappears suddenly, she does not even know if the night was real. There is also the strange man Nick, who always seems to just show up when she is in trouble, but she does not know if she can trust. When Theron returns to Aroglea, he cannot get Casey off his mind, but Casey may be more important to his world than just to him, she could be the key to protect his world from the Underworld and his clan’s extinction. Theron is going to be forced to make a choice, loyalty to his people, or loyalty to a woman that he thinks he could love and might be his Soul Mate.

This is an okay book (a good start to a new series), not too much sex, just enough action and intrigue to keep the reader interested. I appreciated Naughton’s use of the Gods, as I have not read too authors that have gone the route of Gods instead of the typical paranormal creatures. But there are some cheesy moment, like a line Theron uses on Casey, that he won’t be able to tell if she was his soul mate unless they had sex together, pretty sure I laughed at that point. I wish there was more involvement with some of the other Gods but since this is going to be a series I hope other Gods may will make a presence in some of the later books. I also appreciated that Naughton did not try to do too much in her first book, she kept the reader with her till the end, and left some intriguing aspects that I was wondering about at the end of the book, that do make me want to see what will happen next.

All in all, a not bad start to a paranormal romance series. I think those who normally read paranormal romance will enjoy this book. For those who do not normally like or read paranormal romance, it might be a nice change of pace from all the dark, more like a filler book for these people though.


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