Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ray Garton: Ravenous

I was disappointed with this book as I had heard what a great horror writer Garton is. I would classify as Horror Light, as there was some disturbing scenes within the book, but I found that it lacked the suspense, and there seemed to be large part focused on rape.

The book is based in the small town of Big Rock, and there are strange happenings around the town. There is not only a serial rapist but there is also a strange creature that is not only raping some individuals but also mangling and devouring others. The small town Sheriff, Arlin Hurley, is unsure of what to do, and what to believe because the statements he is receiving from witnesses are of a creature that should not exist. However, a new man comes to town who has scars, stories and silver bullets. This man is trying to convince Hurley that he has a werewolf infestation within his town and if he does not act  soon, his town is going to become over run with werewolves. Hurley struggles with whether he believes the stranger or not, but he does know that there is something not quite normal happening in his town, and he has to make a decision soon before it is too late.

This book was predictable, I struggled to make it through the first half, as it was slow and it did not have the Horror aspects that I was looking for. However, I did like a few things about the book. It does give different points of view different individuals throughout the town and how they are affected by the werewolf infestation. I also thought it was a slightly different idea that becoming a werewolf is a sexually transmitted virus and that transforming into a werewolf is not linked to a full moon at all. Also it was interesting that the individuals transformed into more of wolf-men type creatures than actual wolves, which seems to be more common in the paranormal genre.

I know that there is a sequel to this book (called Bestial), but I do not think that I will be picking it up. I would just be worried that it would be too similar to the first and be just as predictable.

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