Monday, October 18, 2010

Jon Evans: Night of Knives

I know this website is dedicated to paranormal and fantasy book reviews, but that is not the only genre that I read, so here is an action adventure book I just finished reading and thoroughly enjoyed.

Veronica has nothing left for her in America. She has just gone through a divorce with a man who has taken everything from her, though he always had everything before they married. He had the money and the power. Veronica has decided that she needs a big change and challenge, so she moves to Uganda to help with Aids research. She has only been in Uganda a few weeks before she decides that she does not like it their either, she is too used to the luxuries that she had back home. Before she leaves she invited by a Derek, a man she met at an embassy party, to join a tour group to go see gorillas in their natural habitat. A trip that goes extremely wrong when their guides are killed and they are kidnapped by armed and brutal gunmen who make it very clear that they do not need all of them to survive. They are told they were taken to be ransomed back to the American government, but this is not just a random kidnapping and the people in the American government may be involved but not in a good way. The kidnapping turns out to be just one strategic move, in a deadly game. Now Veronica and the other who people were kidnapped and have been survive, have to decide if they are willing to embark on a deadly journey across Africa not only to escape their captures but unveil an malignant conspiracy that could destroy a African country again.

This book was fantastic. It kept you guessing the whole way through. There was no way to know who Veronica could trust outside of the people who were kidnapped with her. It really made me ask the question, would I want to know more if I was put in this situation. Would you just accept what you were told and go home or want to find out more. Evans does a good job of not giving Veronica or any of the other main characters too much know how outside of their normal life or occupations. It really seemed life like in the steps they took would be similar to a normal person bumbling through the spy and intelligence process. 

I found I really liked Evans writing style, though there are parts that do have some gruesome details, they did not go too far, as some authors I have read and they were not a constant within the book. Evans definitely knows how to keep you in suspense and continually guessing about who Veronica should trust and what she should do next. I also enjoyed that Evans did not keep everyone safe, no one was immune from being victimized, hurt, tortured or killed, this is often not seen within many action adventure novels. 


Note: This book, I believe, was only published as a free ebook at this website, so a it’s a good book and it’s free, that is defiantly a bonus! :)

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