Thursday, October 14, 2010

Keith Melton: Blood Vice

This is a great book. It is well written and it will have you hooked from the first line, "It was a beautiful night for murder, but wet work was wet work and had to be done regardless of conditions". If that does not bring you in I don`t know what will. 

The book is centered on Karl Vance, Religious, Hit man, Vampire (one of these things is not like the other), who is hired by the Mob to "take out" certain individuals from a rival family. Enter Maria Ricardi, Mafia Princess who wants respect within the family and eventually take over; however, this is hard/impossible because she is a woman. Maria's father however, likes her plan and decides to indulge her and higher Karl to fulfill Maria's plans. It`s time to go to the mattresses. But the war goes sideways when the rival between the two families attracts the attention of Karl's nemesis, Alejandro Delgado, who has his own ideas about what should go on in Boston, including what happens to Karl and Maria. It is now or never to settle the score(s) between Karl and Alejandro.

I really enjoyed this book, it was descriptive and dark at points, the Mafia and Vampires just work well together. A character I really enjoyed who was not mention above is Xiesha, (fairly silent, but deadly too) who is Karl`s guardian during the day, but who is a witch, I think, and I believe her past will be explored in future books. I also enjoyed the idea around the spirit wolf, and the order of the Thorn. There is romance in the book, but it is not what the book is based upon and appears to be part od the natural flow to the book (don`t let the cover fool you). The book was all about the story and not hindered by extra details or fluff.  It is dark, edgy and kickass at points, all things I love in a book. 

My only critique of this book, is that I feel like I have read the story before, the characters are different and the situations are different, but the backbones of the story are the same. I wish there would have been just a touch more imagination in that part. But I guess the mixture of Mafia and Vampires makes up for most of this point.

This a great book that has been released in 2010 and Melton is defiantly an author to watch out for.


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