Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mira Grant: Feed

Hello, I think for my first review, posted on this website should be one of the best books in 2010, and it seems kind of fitting as Feed as is also about blogging.

FEED is a FANTASTIC read. Certainly one of the best books I have read in 2010. This book has everything that I love reading, great characters that you come to love and feel a part of, plot twists and turn, action and dry humor. If you want all those in the books you read this one is for you, even if you don’t want all those things you should still read this book, lol.

The year is 2039, blogging has become the main way individuals receive information. This stems to 2014  "Rising" where mainstream media outlets were reporting that nothing was wrong and everything was okay, when really the dead were coming back to "Life" as zombies. The bloggers broke the news about zombies and shared the best way to avoid becoming infected and to kill zombies.

The book focuses on two main characters, siblings Georgia and Shaun Mason, who are both bloggers in 2039. Georgia is a Newsie, who is there to spread the news and the facts about the events going on in the world, and everything pertaining to Zombies and the spreading of the infection. Shaun is an Irwin, which is an individual who is constantly putting themselves in danger in order to fight zombies and spread the word as to what works best and individuals who really enjoy going out and poking a zombie with a stick and to see what happens. Georgia, Shaun and their Fictional Writer and technical guru Buffy (so self named after Buffy the vampire slayer series), have just landed the exclusive of the Lifetime, follow Senator Ryan as he makes a run for head of the Republican party, and hopefully, eventually the presidency of the USA. But as Georgia, Shaun and Buffy spend more time on the road following the political party, they start to realize that not all is what it seems, and it's up the theses bloggers to discover and share the truth with the rest of the world.
I don't think I can express enough how much i loved this book. From Shaun's crazy need for adventure, to Georgia's constant search for the truth, no matter what, as Georgia says "Alive or Dead, the Truth Won't Rest". One thing I really liked about the book, is at the end of each chapter, there would be an article that one of the characters wrote about what had happened in the previous chapter. It was a great way to really connect and get to know each character and their point of view. 

 This book has been classified as a horror, but I personally would not consider this a horror book, I would consider it more of a political, conspiracy book with zombies.
As I said above this is a fantastic read and kept me guessing and engaged through out, I'm excited for the next book, but sad it doesn't come out till next year. So pick this book up next time you are at the bookstore.



  1. Hi and thanks for such a great review. I have got to finish reading it now. Am following you here and in Book Blogs. Have a great one.