Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kelly Meding: Three Days to Dead

In her Debut novel and entrance into the Paranormal Genre Meding bring us a dark and gritty book that will have fans of, Lilith Saintcrow's series will also enjoy this book.

Evangeline Stone, Evy, has some problems. First she wakes up naked, second she discovers that she has woken up in the morgue (never a good thing), third she is not in her body and fourth she cannot seem to remember what happened to her before she died. Before Evy died she was a Dreg Hunter, she hunts rouge paranormals (anything ranging from vampire to fey to goblins), within a group called the Triads. However, once the Triads discover Evy is “alive” they are hunting her, alive or dead, with the focus on the dead, is the protocol that the Triads follow. Now Evy is attempting to piece together her last few days to figure out what happened in her last assignment and why she is on everyone's Hit list. But Evy is on a time limit she only has three days to piece together what happened to her and what is happening in her city and she has a feeling bad feeling if she dies before she figures out what is doing on, her city is not going to make it too.

I really enjoyed this book. It was action packed (which I like) with some twist and turns along the way, as Evy is unsure of who she is able to trust. It does have the normal para normals creatures, but there are also trolls, goblins, gargoyles and different kinds of Fey that do play a prominent part in the novel, so there are now some new ideas here, which is always a positive to me, as I find that the paranormal genre can become saturated with only Vampire and Werewolves. I really liked the Troll that lived under the bridge, defiantly reminded me of the old fairy tales. I really enjoyed Evy as a lead character she was kick-ass, witty but still had the human side of her, as she was afraid of failure and knew how much was riding on her shoulders. She only has three days (not exactly the longest time-line) to get revenge, and help save her city.

There was one aspect of the book that I did not like and that was the character Wyatt, you will have to form your own opinion about him, but he was not my favorite character. It appeared to me that as much as he said he liked her for who she was, he was always attempting to change her and coddle her and just not let her be her. Nevertheless, other than, Wyatt I really liked this book, and I am  Going to be picking up the second book.

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