Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christopher Farnsworth: Blood Oath

This is defiantly not your typical vampire novel associated with the paranormal genre these days. It is a political thriller with a side of action adventure with some paranormal aspects. But these paranormal aspect defiantly set the tone of the book. This book as everything,  Vampires, a mad scientist (think of one the most famous ones), a shadow group/company, conspiracy and a naive human thrown in just for kicks, you know this is going to be a good book.

When President Andrew Johnson discovers a captured vampire on his shore, he knows that he has a weapon that can be used to the countries advantage. Even though Nathaniel Cade wishes the President would just kill him, Johnson hires a Voodoo Woman to put a blood oath between Cade and the President (and every president that follows) in which Cade must protect the President, follow his orders and protect the people of America from both foreign, domestic and otherworld threats. Cade has now lived to over 150 years old and each of which have been in service to each United States president since he changed into a Vampire. He has been given a Human agent to help liaise with the President and to help he keep some form of contact with the Human World. Zach Barrows, knows that he has screwed up big time. He has been working on his political career since he was a teenager and he had to throw it all away to have some fun with the President’s 19-year-old daughter. The President has just selected him for a new assignment, a new liaison between Cade and the President. Zach did not believe in Vampires before he met Cade, but once meeting him, he could tell that he was a predator. Along with the current Liaison, Agent Griffin, who is getting to retirement age, which means that Zach has to learn fast what it means to work with a Vampire (not just skim reading the brief). Zach and Cade are thrown into their first assignment that has an “old friend” of Cade’s stink all over it, and Cade is looking to get a little revenge. However, there is more to this conspiracy than what is just on the surface, there are threats both foreign and domestic that Cade is going to have to battle as well.

I know there have been other books written where Vampire or other paranormals are in service to the USA,  this to me stands out the most and is the Best one I have read, the other ones are not even in the same category as this one. I enjoyed all the characters within the book, Farnsworth does a great job of developing them separately and giving them life. You really get to know Cade and where he has come from. At the beginning of each chapter, there are parts of a special report about Cade’s past or experiments that were done on him; the information is part of the brief that Zach, should have, read.

This is a Page Turner of a Book. I could not put it down; I just wanted to know what happened next. From Cade’s struggle to fulfill his orders, even though some he does not want to, and his struggle with maintaining some connection to family and what it feels like to be Human; to Zach’s scared reaction to everything, though wanting to help, and be the smart guy to the government conspiracy and mad scientist. Farnsworth has created and developed a book that just grabs hold of you and you don’t want it to let go.

The only negative about this book that was the sex scene, Men just don’t write sex scenes right, at least from the books that I have read. It is brief scene only a page or two, which is good. I did like what the scene represented though, still that one attachment to Humanity. This scene is easily forgiven for the rest of the book was Fantastic and did I mention a Mad Scientist (lol), I’m not going to lie the scientist and what he does and can create, is just down right creepy.

Defiantly one of the BEST books released in 2010. I’m looking forward to see what is next from Farnsworth. You need to pick this one up!


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