Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Brian McClellan: War Cry

Brian McClellan drops the reader in the middle of a war zone where the platoon is playing a cat and mouse game with the enemy:

Teado has been part of the war since he was a child working in the aircraft and ammunition factories to begin with and then when he got older and his shifter powers presented themselves he was moved to the front lines of the war. Now with his platoon behind enemy lines with little support, they attack the enemy when they can in a cat and mouse game. Though it looks like the end may be near, the enemy has pushed their forces back leaving one of their bases vulnerable and loaded with supplies and the platoon is determined to take advantage but this supposed to be last raid is about to change the course of the War forever.

This book had some really interesting aspects going for it especially around the main character Teado and his abilities but this were overshadowed by the lack of world building, backstory and lack of overall premise as well. Yes, Teado and his platoon are playing a deadly cat and mouse game with the enemy but who is the enemy and why? Why is the platoon who are serving an important job have little support or resources? What planet or world or wherever is this story set? It has an early WWI feel to it but there is also magic and shifters abilities. I think my main problem with this book is I had more questions than answers. I know this was a novella but I have read other novellas that are better laid out and give some sort of backstory and world building so the reading gets the idea of what is going on and why. The story did get more interesting the further you read with Teado going on a mission, but it just wasn't enough for me.

The one aspect I liked in this novella was the main character.  His abilities are really interesting and different from other shifters more like a lizard alien thingy, with armor that bullets are unable to pierce. I liked that he was extremely brave and was willing to push himself to his limit and beyond as well as sacrifice himself in order to save his team. However, other than those qualities we do not really know much about him and why he joined the war, once again missing some form of a back story.

So this novella left a lot to be desired for me as I just have too many questions left off after reading this book. If this does lead into a series or a second book i'm not sure I would continue on even though it got a little more interesting near the end.

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