Sunday, September 13, 2020

Nicholas Sansbury Smith: Allegiance

This is the sixth book in Nicholas Sanasbury Smith's Hell Divers series, and in order to understand this world you are going to need to read the previous books, there is no picking up this series part way through; Hell Divers, Ghosts, Deliverance, Wolves and Captives. Also this series is Amazing and I cannot recommend it enough.

Nicholas Sansbury Smith takes readers back to last habitual place on Earth, but the search for other survivors has only just begum:

The War for the Metal Islands is over after a long bloody battle, Xavier Rodriguez is the new King of the Island and his goal is to merge the Sky people with the Cazadores but this is easier said than done, their culture are very different and not all of the Cazadores are happy with the new ruler. X needs to keep a sharp eye on his back or there could very well be a spear in it. X has also given the Hell Divers a new mission to locate and rescue any other survivors that might be out there. While their cause may be a noble on, gruesome discovery shows that they are not the only one searching for survivors. In a race against time, X must secure his place as King and the Hell Divers have to try and find those who need their help before others got to them first.

Six books into this series and Sansbury Smith still is able to have me on the edge of my seat the whole time. This book has a lot of action scenes within it, but I also found the political sides really interesting as the Sky people and X try to navigate through their new situation and fortunes. From start to finish Sansbury Smith has your attention and does not let go, as this book will have you reading way past your bedtime. Honestly six books in and he is still able to achieve this is amazing.

As you can tell from the cover part of this book takes place in Rio de Janeiro but there are a few story lines that occur throughout the book. Additionally each story line has several different character point of view which really rounds out each story. This may seem like a lot of points of view but we are now six books in to this series and while there have been some deaths along the way (some of them major, yes that includes this book too) we know the characters that have points of view in this book. The main three story lines exist in the air, on the metal island and on the ocean, they do cross over at times, but they are the main themes and missions throughout.

Just when I think that Sansbury Smith has piqued with his creativity he surprises me again, from skin wearing robots to two headed snakes, there is never a dull moment within this book or series for that manner. You do not know what he is going to pull out next or what new Hell creature is going to rear its Ugly head.

I like how Human Sansbury Smith makes X within this book. He is called the immortal for his trek across the wasteland that is Earth and defeating the previous King, but X struggles with many aspects of being a King and the decisions that need to be made. He truly wants to do what is best for the Sky people and Cazadores but does not know how to do this.

This is one of my favourite series out there and with each book that comes out Sansbury Smith keeps me not only entertained and invested in the characters but on the edge of my seat the whole time I'm reading. Not many authors can say that they do that six books in. I can't wait for the next book to come out.

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