Sunday, November 1, 2020

Jay Anson: The Amityville Horror

Jay Anson tell the true tale of the 28 days of terror the Lutz family had in the Amityville House:

The year is December 1975 and the Lutz family move into their new home right before Christmas. The home is more than they ever dreamed the could afford and then some, it seems like the perfect place to raise the family. But this house has a torturous past within, just a year earlier Ronald DeFeo murdered his parents, brothers and sisters. All the events that unfold in this book are stated to be true and that there is something demonic in the house that caused the Lutz family to flee after just 28 days, never to return.

This book is probably one of the more popular horror stories out there and I was excited to read this book to see if the Horror aspect was still relevant and achievable in today's day (this book was written in 1977). Now, I do believe in ghosts, but I'm not so sure about the whole haunted house aspect or evil demons or spirits within a house so going into this book I was not sure I could really get behind it, especially as it says that it is a true story. While reading the book I will say that there were times when I found the account just silly and not scary at all, however, I did not realize how much this book would affect my subconscious, to the point where I was having dreams based upon this book. So at some level this book was getting to me and have that horror aspect even though when reading it I did not feel that way. Maybe this is the true test of a horror book when it has you dreaming more about it and the aspects of it each night. Though on the flip side of this, when I was reading the book all I could think about was Ryan Reynolds and his movie version of this book, I mean hello abs...

I liked the narrator does not seem to take sides when telling the story, he seems to be impartial just telling the facts as they were told to him. He does not seem to make judgement on them just these are the events and really leave it up to the reader to make up their minds as to what happened in those 28 days in the Amityville house, as well as to the priest who entered the home as well. I think for me that was the more shocking parts were the accounts that the Priest had, who was so far away from the home when his torments were occurring. Also he is a priest and lying is not something they are really supposed to do. It all does make me wonder where the Lutz family is now and if they are still suffering some aftermaths of living there, as I did read it has been lived in by several families after the Lutz and there has not been any additional sufferings in the house, so maybe it went with the Lutz family, or it was all made up? Who knows, except for the Lutz family really.

I enjoyed this book, as it was not something that I usually read as well as how it seemed to affect me more that I thought it would. There are no real jump scares in the book, but what Anson is able to create is the atmosphere of suspense as what will happen next.


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