Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Tamsyn Muir: Gideon The Ninth

In the first of a series, Tamsyn Muir takes readers on an incredible necromancer journey:

Gideon has had a enough living under the thumb of those who have made it clear that they do not want her there, for all her years of her life. Her most recent plan to escape the Ninth will work this time. That is until Reverend Daughter, Harrowhark, makes her an offer that she cannot refuse. Be her sword in the coming trials that the King has sent for them and Harrow will set Gideon free. Gideon has only wanted to be free, so she agrees. Gideon and Harrow do not know what trials await them, but they will be deaths, betrayals, treason and lust. All of which will change them both forever.

Alright, if you decide to read this book, just realize for a good part of it you are not really going to understand what is going on. This is mainly to do with the fact that the book is only told from Gideon's point of view and well she doesn't know what is going on, so neither will you. Gideon is very much just what seeing is in front of her and not so much about figuring things out, so that complicates understanding things.

There were several times when reading this book where a I debated putting it down as I was confused and well didn't know what the Hell was going on or what the book was about for most of the book. But it was Gideon as a character that kept me reading on in this book. Gideon is crass, full of brass and well could kick your ass, lol. Gideon is no afraid to speak her mind, even when she is told to take a vow of silence, she talks and curses like a sailor but underneath all of that she has a soft spot for those who appear to be weaker or taken advantage of by other people and for Harrow even though she hates her. Gideon will have you laughing out loud with some of her word choices for things and her constant talk about well "titties".

I think being in the mind of Harrow in this book would have helped me with the overall understanding of the world and the plot as a whole. Harrow is very much a necromancer, and one of the most powerful ones on the mysterious island. She has the mind that is forever trying to figure things out and will stop at nothing to achieve the answer. She also is very much a loner so that means she does not share everything or much with Gideon, hence why the reader feels like they are in the dark throughout the book.

This book is dark, full of death, I mean it is based upon necromancy so I was glad that I got what I expected in that aspect. I also do not read that many necromancer based novels so the overall concept was refreshing for me. It was interesting to see that the necromancers had different abilities when it comes to necromancer. For example Harrow can create a new skeleton or part of a skeleton out of a single finger bone, while one of the other characters was able to follow the spirits of those who have passed. I never thought about having different necromancer powers so Muir's creativity in this aspect was amazing.

Muir is able to bring the story around in the end that I now know (pretty sure) what was occurring and I am glad that I stuck it out through till the end as the last quarter of the book are really amazing. I guess my words of advice if you are going to read this book are, study the character names beforehand as there are quite a few and each belong to a certain house and this matters, If you are lost and not sure what is going on, don't worry it will all come to a head and finally just enjoy Gideon as a character, she is an amazing one. I'm excited for the next book in the series.

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