Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Megan Goldin : The Escape Room

Megan Goldin shows how disastrous one elevator ride can be:

Vincent, Jules, Sam and Sylvie are called in for a last minute meeting, they all believe that they are either going to get their bonuses or they are going to get fired as their team had not been performing well as traders and investors. What they do not realize is that the elevator they are about to enter it s trap, one that was designed specifically for them, one that will test their friendships, the hierarchy of their team and their own sanity.

I really enjoyed this book and one of the best parts was that it was completely different story than The Night Swim, which I read earlier this year. Yes, there were some similarities in format (present and past alternating chapters) but that was about it. What is different is the story angles in the past we have the point of view or Sarah Hall the newest member on her team and in the present you get points of view from each of those trapped in the elevator. 

I like that Goldin had the idea of an Escape Room, which have become popular as team building exercises and in this plot it make sense for this team to do something like that, with their struggles. I also like that this book highlighted some of the problems within Wall Street, especially the sexism and what people's worth is seen as solely based upon their gender. This is seen in several different ways throughout the book, from hiring to year end bonuses.

I like that it starts at the beginning and then takes us back as to how these four people end up in the working elevator and trying to figure out who put them there. We get to see how ruthless each of the people in the elevator are and how they would do anything from money and to protect themselves. This book is about the long game for each of the characters, how to succeed themselves while hoping others around them will fail. And although this is a close nit group, that does not mean that they play dirty with each other as well. There are some twists and turns along the way about who would put them in the elevator and while I able to figure some of twist (mainly the big one) I was not able to figure it all out.

Goldin is one of my favourite discovery of an author this year. I cannot wait to see what book and story she comes out with next. Highly recommend this author and book.

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