Wednesday, December 16, 2020

B.A. Paris: The Delimma

In her latest book, B. A. Paris shows how a small group of friends, has all the secrets of a small town:

Today is Livia's 40th birthday and she has been planning her party for 20 years, it is to make up for the wedding that she never had. All she wants to do is be the center of attention, bask in it and enjoy the night. But Livia has a secret one that will change everything not only in her family but for those who are attending the party as well. She is determined to tell Adam, her husband, about it after the party is over, she just wants one more night of normalcy. What she does not realize is that Adam is keeping a secret from Livia too, one that also has the ability to change everything, but he just want Livia to have one more night, have the party she deserves and the decisions they both make this night, will change everything.

This one is a hard one for me to review as there are quite a few aspects that I really enjoyed in this book but there was one main character that I could not get behind their thought process so when reading from his point of view I found it pretty infuriating. 

I think the aspect that I liked the most, was that this one party was like a small town in itself, all the secrets and lies that each person is keeping from the others for one reason or another. Some secrets are to protect others, others have the ability to destroy lives and relationships. I also enjoyed that this book is basically told within one day and that Paris did not draw it out over several days, due to the plot of this book, this timeline makes sense and I think with the flashback thoughts that the two main characters have, the reader get enough information in order to understand the history and relationship between the characters. I also like that Paris kept the secrets that Livia was keeping were not given away right away, this caused me to have several, albeit wrong, guesses as to what she is hiding from her family and friends. I also understand Livia's reasons for not telling Adam the secrets that she is keeping from him, but Adam is a completely different story.

This book really fell for me each time there was a point of view from Adam. I just could not fathom why he chose to keep the secret that he had from Liv. I mean if I found out what he did I would say Fuck the party, Fuck everything, I need to find out the truth now. I feel like that is how most people would react to this situation, and not want to have one last party for their wife. I don't care that she has been planning it for 20 years, there are just some things that take priority over others.

I am a fan of Paris, but this book is far from my favourite. I think that the general idea for the book is a great one and I enjoyed the small town feel at one party, but I just could not get past Adam's thought process and since he is one of the two main characters, you get a lot of his points of views. I will say that all of the books that Paris has released are all different from each other, so I am looking forward to what she comes out with next.

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