Monday, May 30, 2022

Alex Finlay: The Night Shift

Alex Finlay where murders 15 years apart are only connected by one thing "Goodnight Pretty Girl":

New Years Eve 1999, the whole world is worried about whether computers will delete everything as the code 00 coming at midnight and there is a lot of chaos. But things seemed normal that night in a blockbuster just before closing up. It wasn't tell the next day where the murders discovered and a loan survivor. The killer was identified but somehow he evaded capture and there were no murders similar until 15 years later. This time a ice cream shop is targeted and there is only one girl left alive. Are these murders connected? Has the killer come back into town?  The town police don't seem to think so, but Agent Sarah Keller is not so sure, all she know is that something about the original murder investigation seem off and she has to everything she can to find the killer before more people die.

I really enjoyed Finlay's debut novel and I had high hopes for this book as well. You never know if a debut author is going to be able to capture what you enjoyed in their first book but in a different way. I am happy to say that Finlay succeeded. I personally think that it is better than Every Last Fear, his debut novel. This book was interesting, suspenseful and kept me guessing till the end (and that does not happen very often) with all the twists and turns that Finlay employs along the way. Just when you think that you have figured it out, Finlay would prove you wrong.

There are three main POV in this book, each with a different perspective of the murders / investigation what is unfolding. We have the return of the amazing Agent Keller from Finlay's first book and I am very happy that she was back in this book as she was one of the standouts in the book. This investigation is much more what we would normally see from an FBI agent in a book (no economic crimes in this one.). Ella who is the first final girl who is introduced, is now a therapist who helps people who have had major traumas in their lives and Chris Ford, now a lawyer who's brother was arrested for the Blockbuster murders but he disappeared before his trial could take place. This is part of the reason Chris became a lawyer. You really feel for Chris in the book and how he longs to find his brother every day.

Final girl idea for books seems to be a thing these days. I think i have read around 3 or 4 in the past year. I'm not sure what started the trend, but I am enjoying it but at the same time the troupe is going to become a tired one soon I think.

People keep talking about all the 90s nostalgia in this book, but other really than the murders occurring in a Blockbuster I did not find that the nostalgia aspect was that high. I mean little tidbit here and there but not so much that these points overwhelm the story.

I really enjoyed this book, it is not often that a book keeps me guessing till the end and Finlay is able to achieve that here. Highly recommended book if you like mystery / suspense novels. I cannot wait to see what Finlay comes out with next and I hope he keeps Agent Keller around.

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