Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Anne Bishop: Wild Country

In the second book in a Anne Bishop's spinoff of her Other series, she takes readers to an Others' controlled town, but there are always humans looking to take over:

There are many ghost towns throughout the world, and the Other know that it is only a matter of time before humans try to reclaim them again. Therefore, a small group of Others, Wolfgard and Sanguinati decide to reopen the town to not only Others but to humans as well. The Elders and the Others want to see if the example that has been set by the Courtyard can occur elsewhere and on a larger scale. One of these towns is Bennett, a town at the end of the rail line. A young female police officer is hired to help manage the people and more humans come to open stores. But with the good also come the bad, those that covet more; more money, more power and they wish to control Bennett. The people and other will have to uncover the Blackstone Clan before it is too late and the town is in ruin.

I really enjoyed this story, town and characters that Bishop introduces in this story, and there are a few nods back to the Courtyard as well (which is always appreciated). I was a bit confused as to why this is the second book in the spin off series as it takes place at the same time as the final book in the The Other series, Etched in Bone, therefore, also before Lake Silence. So it was a little confusing to me why Bishop would have this book second, but as the stories do not connect I guess it does not matter overall. Though,  I was hoping that this book would connect in some way to the Juke from the first book as I enjoyed the characters and story in this one.

I really like Jana as a character and her wanting to follow her passion to be a police officer but is only going to be accepted as one in an Other controlled town. I like that she holds her own with the Wolves, mainly Virgil Wolfgard and he calls her the Wolverine, but at the same time knows that she needs to learn their different customs and accept them if she is going to stay. Jana grows throughout the story and it is great to watch her do it. I would have read the book still if it was just her POV, as I really enjoyed her as a character.

The bad guys in this book are quite different from the other books, yes they are still human but they are Inuit, people who would normally respect the Other and are often thought of by the Others as better than other humans. It was interesting to see how they used their gifts to take advantage of people or for the bad sides of things instead of good.

There are quite a few POV in this book, and it can be a bit confusing at times, especially if you have not read any other books in this series, as this is standard for Bishop. Some POV are obviously more prominent than other, but just when you think you have met all the POV, Bishop throws another one at you. This does allow the story to be pretty well rounded, but it can be much at the beginning to keep everyone straight.

These books seem to follow a similar formula, Humans try to take more that what they are allowed and try to force the Others out (stupid Humans) and the Other have to show Humans once again that they are considered Prey. Still I enjoyed the story and I continue to read this series as I love the world that Bishop has created, I just want something a bit fresh each time other than characters.

I really like that Bishop has traveled outside of the Courtyard and more into the Wild Country. I think that it offers new stories for her to explore, and even though the books have seemed a little formulated i enjoyed this story and look forward to continuing on in this series.

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