Monday, December 12, 2022

Stacy Willingham: A Flicker in the Dark

In her debut novel, Stacy Willingham shows that one can never escape their past:

When Chloe was a almost a teenager there was a serial killer ravaging her town, little did she know that it was her father committing the murders, and that she would be the one to find the key piece of evidence that would put him away forever. Now 20 years later, even though Chloe had struggled to put her family name and past behind her, she has become a specialized psychologist focusing on teen trauma patients as well as getting ready for her up coming wedding. Very much ready to shed her maiden name. When a local girl goes missing and then another one, she cannot help but look into them as the resemble so much what occurred in her past. But is she seeing parallels where there are none? Is there a killer still on the loose all these years later? Is there a copy cat killer looking to use her family name for their own fame? For the second time in her life Chloe becomes determined to unmask a killer.

I'm a big fan of reading debut novels, especially in the psychological thriller genre as I like to read what new voices bring to the genre and I can say that Willingham did an amazing job with her debut. This is how you do a debut novel; This book was fast paced (really picks up in the second half) but you do not feel overwhelmed it kept me guessing till the end as you are never really sure of who Chloe can trust throughout the book as it seems like so many people have hidden agendas. Plus Chloe is a self medicated character which also makes her unreliable at times as well.

I think my favourite aspect in this book was there were so many possibilities of what could have happened and how everything could interconnect and while I was able to figure out the big twist, this does not mean there were other ones along the way that I did not see coming. Just when you think that you have it figured about Willingham did a brilliant just of adding something in that made you question everything.

I like Chloe as a main character and the fact that she has turned what happened to her family in the past, one that she cannot escape with her maiden name, into something more positive as psychologist and helping those around her. I also appreciate that Chloe cannot get away from the past, her n3eed for medication in order to get through some days, I cannot say how a daughters of a serial killer would cope (plus you were the one to turn him in), but I don't think that everything would be all right. I also appreciate her tenacity in trying to get the police to take the case seriously and that they all are connected and she just wants to help.

This book was a great psychological thriller book that will keep you guessing till the end. Willingham does a great job executing the plot of this book and I look forward to reading the next book by Willingham.

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