Monday, January 16, 2023

Kate Alice Marshall: What Lies in the Woods

In Kate Alice Marshall's latest novel she shows that confronting your past can be deadly:

Naomi, Cass and Olivia have been best friends since kindgarden, and they would spent their days and summers in the forest, playing and creating games. The last summer is was the Goddess Game, but it suddenly ended when Naomi was attacked but miraciously survived the 17 stab wounds and along with Cass and Olivia they were able to ID the man that hurt her. The girls were seen as heroes, but the problem is that they all lied. Now 22 years later. when he dies suddendly in prison, Naomi feels obligated to head home where she discovers that Olivia wants to tell the truth. Naomi has been running from the truth for this long, but she feels she is finally ready to face what happened that night and what really happened. But this town has many secrets and it is a dangerous game to seek out the truth.

Alright, start the car and go grab this book if you want to read a really good mystery with a side of thrills. This is how you write a book. I was hooked from the very beginning and would have read this book in one sitting if I could have. I enjoyed the main characer, the flow, the mystery and multiple twists and turns along the way. I also loved the setting with the a small town secrets to spare and so many are revealled along the way in this book. 

Alright it has been a long time since I have read a book that had so many twists and turns throughout that had me questioning thing throughout the story. Was I able to figure it out before the end, Yes, but that did not stop me from questioning what I thought as well wanting me to read more and more to see if I was right. I think that what Marshall did really well was there were so many people that Naomi could not trust around her and the small town if full of secrets and those trying to protect themselves. I enjoyed that the book was dealing with a mystery in the past that had some present day consequences for many individuals within the town. I wouldnt say that this book is a thriller though as that has different set of parameters for me, there are some thrilling moments but it is not constant in the book. It is mainly about Naomi trying to figure out what happened that night 22 years ago and whether she sent the wrong man to prison with her lie.

Naomi was an interesting character to have the story told through as she is not a realiable character when she is reliving the events of the past, as what happened to her she can physically cannot remember what happened the night that changed her life forever. I love that Naomi does not shy away from what her body and face look like. She never covers her scar that bisects part of her face. To say Naomi has some issues may be an understatement. She can be hard to like as a character at times but if you survived 17 stab wounds one of which disfigured your face, I’m thinking issues are bound to happen 

This was a great mystery novel that had many aspects that I love in  mystery book. I cannot wait to read her other works and to see what she is able to come out with next. 

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