Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Laken Cane: Blood Magic

You will need to read the first book in this series, Broken Moon, to understand the characters and relationships plus one of the bad guys that Kait fights is also in this book.

Laken Cane is back with her next book in her Kait Silver series, Kait finds out just how much darkness is in the supernatural world:

Kait has been flung into the supernatural world with the release of her wolf and though she has craved to be part of a pack, she's not sure if she or the pack is ready for that yet. Kait's power is growing and she is itching for a job, so when a human walks in and want to hire her to go after a Master Vampire, she is all in. But this world is new to Kait and her actions have some serious consequesces as not only is she going to have to deal with the vampires but a certian Demon comes calling and he will stop at nothing to get his knife back.

This was a good follow up book to the first one but it just didn’t hit like the first one did, and I think it was a the pacing. It would go super fast then super slow and the fight scenes were on point for me but I’m not sure just the flow was just off to me. I think that Cane tried to do too much in this book, this book could have been about 3 books in one. I don’t mind multiple cases or bad guys but none of the stories seemed completely fleshed out and just rushed through our. I also didn’t like that what drew me to the first book, Kait being a loan wolf whose power was hobbled was already taken care of.

I like that Cane like to introduce different creatures in her book (not as many as the first book), especially in the final vampire battle that was pretty cool. And I loved that the Vampires were not weak beautiful kind but deadly, torture those around you kind. Makes the big bad that much worse in this book

It was a little tiring hear her talk about how she’s the baddest one in the room, I mean I like a kickass heroine and all but they don’t need to brag about it. Kait also seems to have endless power that has not yet been fully explained and nothing seems to really hurt her or keep her down for long.

I did like this book, but not as much as the first. I will continue on in the series to see where Laken takes this series and characters plus this book is a lot darker than I thought it would be, which I am here for.

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