Monday, July 4, 2022

Laken Cane: Broken Moon

In the first book in a new series, Laken Cane show what happens when a Shifter can't Shift:

Twelve years ago Kaitlyn and her mom were cast out from their pack when Kaitlyn's father tried to gain supporters to overthrow a cruel Alpha. He failed and not only was her murdered in front of them, as extra punishment he made it so that Kaitlyn could not shift ever. Kaitlyn and her mom have made new lives outside of the pack. Kaitlyn lives with the pain everyday of not being able to shift, but she has created a business where she takes care of the Monsters. Normally it is the humans that call on her but this time it s is rival pack. Something is killing the wolves and they need Kaitlyn's help to stop it. Kaitlyn is about to say No, when this Alpha tells her he can free her wolf. Kaitlyn knows it might not be true, but she has to take a chance. Plus Monster hunting and Killing is what she does, and if it is able to kill wolves, it is only a matter of time that it sets it sights on her and her mom.

I have been looking for a new Urban Fantasy series ever since Ilona Andrews ended her Kate Daniels series, and some have been a hit others a miss. I have not read a shifter book in a long time, and I think I stepped away from them as they all started to feel the same, but I am happy to return to a shifter genre with this book.

I appreciate how well Kaitlyn has adapted to being a wolf not only cast out her pack but unable to shift into a wolf. She has adapted very well to new living circumstances over the years as well as her fighting skills as she cannot access her true power. She has developed her own weapons and career hunting things that go bump in the night. All with daily pain of her wold not people able to get out, so ya Kaitlyn would be the definition of a kick-ass female heroine that this genre is famous for, but I really enjoyed her as a character.

This book covers a lot of cases and a lot of ground throughout the book and I appreciate that Cane did this. It showed how hard that Kaitlyn works and how fucked up the paranormal world is in her town. I liked that she works with the police when they have cases they cannot explain and regular people that have problems. This book never seemed to stop jumping from one event to another, yet at the same time did not feel cluttered. I found it had me on the edge of my seat about what was going to happen next. The demon hunting was fun, hunting the mysterious (very obscure) thing that was hunting wolves was fun/neat idea, her side job of helping people with paranormal activities and teaching a douche-bag ex-bf to a women how to treat woman and a dog.

I know being a shifter book, I knew there was going to be some sort of immediate attraction between the FMC and the MMC, but I appreciate that even though the attraction is in there, especially for the wolf part of them, that Cane reframed from having anything really occur. I like when the relationship is more drawn out and has more of a real feel to it. It will be interesting to see where Cane takes the relationship aspects especially when it comes to the pack and Kaitlyn's background.

I think the one thing I want to see in the next book it a bit more grit and darkness. This one does get there more the farther into the book that you get and I hope that Cane takes it even farther.

This is the first book that I have by Cane and I am glad that i picked it up as it was interesting and fast paced. I look Forward to continuing on in this series.

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