Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Audrey J. Cole: The Final Hunt

Audrey J. Cole shows the length one woman will go to, to make sure her Serial Killer husband is dead:

Cameron's husband John disappeared and died on a hunting trip, he was mauled by bears. Cameron wanting to feel closer to her husband decides to go up to his cabin, his favourite place. When Cameron is looking through some of his things, she discovers that he is the infamous Serial Killer, The Teacher Killer and immediately calls the police. Now that the ID of The Teacher Killer has been uncovered, everyone starts to question how much Cameron knew of her husband's activities. Cameron is now thinking that there is a possibility her husband is alive, with all his survival training and wanting to escape from his murders. Cameron is now on the hunt to make sure that her husband is truly dead.

This was a rough one to rate for me as I enjoyed 3/4 of the story and then the book lost me in the 1/4. I would have rated this book higher if some of the actions taken by the main character did not require me to go into a fantasy world to believe them, in short form Cameron should be dead. There is no doubt in my mind the events in the latter half of this book would occur in real life, then she would be dead. I'm okay when authors ask me to bend things a bit when it comes to books that are not fantasy, think of all the action adventure books where the lead character gets the shit kicked out of them but still has the ability to fight, the difference is that these people have a certain skill set that I can kind of believe it. Cameron has zero survival skills other than she can read a topical map and is a good shot. She had just learned to drive a snow mobile the previous day, has a book about wolves and that is about it. There is no way she would have survived.

I enjoyed the premise of this book, the idea that Cameron's serial killer husband could still be alive as he had the skill set to pull something like this off, awesome idea. I also believe she had no idea what her husband was up to as we have seen time and time again in real life the ability of serial killers to have families who know nothing of their darker side. I can also see the media hanging her out to dry convinced she must have known and help, that makes a better story right. So everything was there to make this a great easy read book but that last 1/4 just bugs me.

I never really felt like I knew Cameron as a character and she has very little skills in when it comes to investigative work, she really just goes through her husband's things and thinks about conversations from the past but I still enjoyed the story that Cole set out to portray here. The Detective (who's name escapes me and as I try to write this and after checking countless reviews no one mentions him, guess not a memorable character) POV seems unfished at the end of the book. Like he did all this extra work and investigation for nothing. It feels like Cole wasted him as a character.

I would try another book by Cole as I liked the premise of the book and for the most part how it was a well played out as novel, nothing really investigative or groundbreaking but it was able to keep me entertained and overall just an easy read. It was just the latter part of the book where Cole lost me and really took me out of enjoying the book as a whole. 

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