Monday, August 1, 2022

Keri Arthur: Blood Kissed

In the first in a series, Keri Arthur shows what can happen in a small town that has secrets:

Lizzie and her familiar Belle just wanted (another) fresh start to open a Cafe that offered readings and great food. They decided to try the Faelan werewolf reservation, but prior to opening their Cafe they did not realize that the whole town Hates witches. Lizzie and Belle get around this by saying they have little power and are hardly witches, but when a lawyer comes into the Cafe wishing for a reading to find her teenage daughter, Lizzie soon finds herself front and center on a vampire hunt, one that seems intent on reeking havoc on the town. It's going to take all the skill that Lizzie to help protect that which she loves as this vampire has deadly intentions and no plans to stop any time soon.

This series by Keri Arthur is next in my search for a urban fantasy series that can match Kate Daniels and this one succeeded in several fronts. I really enjoyed the character, the plot and the setting that Arthur chose, as I am always a sucker for a small town (or werewolf reservation in this case).

I like the bond between the female characters, they are more than Witch and Familiar you can tell that they have a love and respect for each other and Lizzie does not take advantage of her position or power over Belle. Loyalty and trust is key in their relationship as they want to remain under the radar. Most of the funny banter that occurs within the book come from the women secretly talking to each other telepathically. 

Lizzie's form of magic is interesting, and one that does not often take center stage, pschometry, where she can find people or objects and this does come in handy throughout the book. At the same time she does have the ability to create "minor" spells to help defend herself or those around her. I really found the magic part of this book refreshing and not what one would normally read about. I also found it refreshing that Lizzie is not a PI or something of that ilk as that is also something common (over used now) in the urban fantasy series, she just wants to be left alone to run her Cafe with Belle and you cannot fault her for that

I appreciated that Arthur decided not the have the Lizzie fall insta-love with the first hot werewolf that comes here way, sure there is lust there, but nothing that she wants to pursue at this time. I like when the relationship actually develops more than to just fall in love with each other. It actually helps that said werewolf does not like witches.

There are many hints to the past in this book and that Lizzie and Belle are running but not running from Lizzie's family. It is hinted what has occurred with them blaming Lizzie for the deat of her sister as well as a lack of power, but I still don't fully understand what happened to Lizzie's sister. I think there is going to be another book that will address is as the true murdered got away and it would just make sense to address it eventually.

I think the main thing I was missing was an overall lack of suspense and darkness throughout the book. It starts off fairly dark and graphic but then looses that aspect after that. I never felt like Lizzie was truly in danger in the book and seemed to have solution for every problem.

This is a great start to a series and I already feel invested in Lizzie as well as secondary characters. It also had some refreshing aspects that I did not know I wanted until i read them. I look forward to seeing where Arthur takes this series, so I cannot wait to pick up the next book.

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