Saturday, August 27, 2022

Adrienne Young: Sky in the Deep

Adrienne Young shows how far a sister will go to stay reunited with her brother: 
Eelyn, is a warrior and fight along side her fellow Aska clansmen every year with their rival clan the Riki. Eelyn fights harder and harder each year as the Riki clan killed her brother. Then the unthinkable happens, Eelyn spots her brother across the battlefield, she is in shock not only at seeing her brother but that he is fight for the Riki. Eelyn stryggles to get to her brother's side, she is captured and sold into slavery to a family that treats her brother like a son. Eelyn is not old determined to gain her freedom but return her brother to his family. But the Riki villages are being attacked by a clan that was thought o be nothing but myth and not Eelyn realizes she has to survive these battles before she can return home.
I picked this book up after finishing Young's Fable series, which I thought was good and want to check out other books by Young. What drew me to this one was that it sounded completely different and I really like the Vikings idea.

Personally liked this one better than the Fable series, I found that Eelyn was a better main character and was more mature than Fable was in all of her series. Eelyn was a warrior, she's proud for sure, but also smart, loyal and will protect those that she sees as weaker than her even if they are her enemy (which is tested a few times in the book). I think that it Eelyn that really made this book for me.

I enjoyed the action parts that are spread throughout the book but the main ones are at the beginning and end, so it can feel like it lulls a bit in the middle. I really enjoyed that it was based upon Vikings,a period in time or characters I do not often read about (well I used to read a lot more of it when I read historical romance novels, which how this book begins is actually very historical romance way with the being sold into slavery, which is  where I thought that Young was going to take it, but she did not).

This was a fun quick YA book, with nothing Earth shattering occurring, its a fairly straight forward read with not many twist or turns along the way, but it was enjoyable and thankfully no love triangle to be seen. There is a second book in this series based around the same time and has Vikings again so I will be picking that one up too.

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