Friday, August 12, 2022

Neal Shusterman: Scythe

In the first in a series Neal Shusterman show what happens when Humanity conquers death:

The world does not know hunger, disease, war, or death, no forms of the old world will kill a human. Keeping the population in check falls to those who are chosen to become a Scythe. Citra and Rowen are both chosen to apprentice to a scythe, a role neither wants but must accept. Their teacher is one who believes in the old ways and art of taking a life. But there are those within the Scythedom that dislike the rules and regulations that surround them and want to change them and make themselves Gods amount men. Citra and Rowen need to decide which path is right and watch their backs as even though Scythes are the bringers of death this does not mean that death cannot find them as well.

Wow, I do not know why I did not know about this book  / series till now but if you have not read this book, I highly recommend it. This book seems to have everything that I want in a urban fantasy novel, compelling story & characters, is really dark at times, twists and turns along the way as well as make you think, is having mankind conquer death a good thing?

I did not want to put this book down, it was so intrigued with the concept that I needed to know how Shusterman was going to have the plot play out. There are some slower parts in the book, but Shusterman uses these to explain more the world people now live in and we get to know our characters better plus there cannot be gleaning all the time as there is a quota that must be help to and some of the gleaning practices are just brutal. They talk about people just accepting the death but the way some of the Scythes choose to glean would have anyone wanting to run away.

Liked the dual POV and the different paths that Citra and Rowan are forced to take as it gives the different perspectives within the Scythdom. And I think you cannot help like both characters but I think the “love” between them seems a bit forced, but this did not take away from my enjoyment of the book as both characters seem really mature for their age.

The thunderhead is a very interesting concepts and one that is typically counter to when we see AI becoming smart enough to rule the world. This AI seems to want what is best for humanity and not wanting to destroy it, which is a change from all other AI books out there.

I cannot wait to get the next book in this series. I am completely invested in the characters and story now and I need to know how everything is going to play out.

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