Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Hannah Whitten: For the Wolf

Hannah Whitten show the lengths people will go to protect the world:

First daughter to rule, second sister is for The Wolf. The wolf has been sent three second sisters before and Red will now be the fourth. There was a time when Res thought that she would run but one night Red was able to bring the forest alive and since then has been resigned to go. Her older sister Neve is the next in line to be Queen, but she does not want Red to go and offers to help her escape. When Red says no, she cannot understand why. Now that Red has gone she will do whatever she can to get her back. Red herself is confused once she enters the forest, nothing is what it seems in the tales that she has been told and she can only hope that she is strong enough to satisfy the forest and the wolf as an ancient evil is attempting to escape their underground prison.

I’m unsure if this is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, there are many imageries used in the book that makes me think that it is, but it is very different from the tale we know, so maybe retelling is not the correct word. Well whether it is a retelling or not, I really enjoyed this book. Now this is not a book that you pick up read a few pages and then put it back down again. There is too much information and world building that unless I had a good chunk of time to dedicate to this book (like a flight) I did not pick it up. But when I had the time I was drawn in to the world and characters that I did not want to put it down.

This had such an imaginative feel to it with the trees being what is keeping the world safe from the bad things down below. I like the idea of trees being the anchors/locks of the world as I just picture their roots growing deep and how that would help keep things in. There is also a religious aspect throughout the book as the people worship the trees and they are an essential part of the religion and stories that people tell. It was also interesting that the Wilderwood had a mind of it's own and carnivores at times wanting/needing blood and I am not sure I fully understand this concept yet.

Personally, I preferred Red's point of view over Neve's. I found that Neve's POV to be too depressing at times and her naivety of what was happening around her to be frustrating. Red's POV was richer and  preferred her as a character as well with her need to help and protect what is there. While Neve was unswaying in her path to get Red back, she seemed to be doing most of it for selfish reasons of needing her sister and not accepting her sister's choice to leave.

I enjoyed this book once I was able to sit down and sink my teeth into it (wolf pun intended) I think that Whitten has created a very interesting high fantasy tale that has danger, drama, betrayal, and romance.  I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

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