Monday, June 5, 2023

Alex North: The Angel Maker

Alex North asks the question of what would you do if you could change the future of not only yourself but other as well:

Katie Shaw has always been told by her parents that she needs to take care of her younger brother Chris, but on whim as a teenager she decides to do the opposite of what is expected of her and leaves her younger brother to walk home alone. This choice changes everything in both her and Chris' life as Chris is a victim of a random attack. Many years later Katie still struggles with the guilt of that day, even though Katie has lost contact with Chris she receives a phone call that he is missing and in trouble. Meanwhile Det. Laurence Page is investigating a gruesome and confusing death of a professor who taught about fate and free will. This murder leads back two historical cases, the attack on Chris and a Serial Killer.

This is, shockingly, the first book that I have read by North. I am not sure why I have not picked up his previous books, especially the Whisper Man, that was making the rounds a few years ago, but I think it was one of those things where i will get to it eventually.

This book was book was good, just good. I can say that I was expecting more from North with just how popular his books have gotten since 2019 and i was let down a bit. I thought this book was going to have a darker and skirting horror feel to it based upon some of the reviews I had read about the book. I don’t really think there are truly any that disturbing parts, as North never really goes into detail of what goes into making an Angel. Really the whole Angel part of the plot is more of something more of a side plot that is never fully explored and really this is not a fast-paced book, so suspense/thills aspects are lost due to it. It really is a slow burn throughout, there is no real drama or that much sense of urgency by the end, as everything comes together, makes sense and it is rare for an author not to take the easy way out.

My favourite aspect of this book is the complexity of the plot and how it was planned out and put together. North has the plot lines and people intersecting throughout the book and even throughout time. I cannot fault North for his ability to tell a story, but this is one that you will need to keep track of everything from the multiple POV and shifts in time as well.

The knowing the future aspect / word of God is downplayed for the most part as the events have already been written there is not much emphasis put on this point other than coveting the book that holds the information. And I fell like there was an opportinity lost here.

So, this book was good but not great in my opinion, as I had higher expectations for this book. However, North's ability to tell a story is on full show here and due to that fact, I would read another book by him.


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