Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gemma Halliday: Killer in High Heels

Okay first off this is a second book in a series so if you kind of need to read the first one Spying in High Heels. Alright that said, if you choose to read farther down before you read the first book, I will not be held responsible.

Halliday comes back with another fun, funny and fashionable murder mystery romance with her second book in her High Heels series Killer in High Heels.

LA Shoe Designer Maddie Springer has not seen her father since she was young and he reportedly ran off with a Las Vegas showgirl named Lola. All Maddie even remembers about her dad is a big hairy hand followed by an even hairy arm as it waved out the window to her when he left. So she is extremely surprised when he calls and he leaves a message on her answering machine, asking for her help. During the message she hears a loud gunshot in the background, she knows she cant ignore it. Her first act it to call the sexy cop Ramirez for his help, even though she has not seen him in weeks, and is still pissed at him for not calling her after almost getting it on, but her actual Dad may be in trouble. Ramirez tells her to forget about it, but also forbids her from going to Vegas....Weird and Maddie is never one to take orders, so Maddie grabs Dana and they head for Sin City to find out what is going on. Well she definitely got more than she bargained for. Not only does she find her Dad, but also aging drag queens, the Mob and goons, who all seem very interested in her Dad. Now Maddie knows that she has to help her Dad out, even though he keeps walking out on her. As Maddie investigation goes progresses she uncovers some vicious murders and a smuggling ring, no wonder Ramirez wanted her to stay out of Vegas. Trouble always seems to follow Maddie whereever she goes, here's hoping her luck doesn't turn in Vegas, where the house always wins and Maddie is just a first time visitor.

These books, for me, are fun and easy reads that I really enjoy after reading a thriller book. What I  really liked about this book is the reader gets to see another side of Maddie, and find out that genes really do play alot into one's fashion sense. I really do enjoy Maddie as a character, she may be bumbling through the detective work, but hey she bumbles with style and she may not like seeing a dead body, but she is willing to help anyone around her who is trouble. I also like the interaction between Maddie and Ramirez, it really does remind me of sexual tension in the Stephanie Plum books but Ramirez is the perfect mixture of Ranger and Morelli (and really isn't that what every girl wants?) We also get more interaction with her best friend Dana (which always leads to trouble) and her Faux Dad's receptionist Marco, who loves Men and Fashion as must as the next girl (well maybe even more than the next girl).

There is quite a few more almost sex scenes in this book when compared to the first and with that goes alot more sexual tension between Maddie and Ramirez. Honestly I am a fan of Ramirez, and normally these departures from the plot would take away from my enjoyment of the book's plot, but I find that Halliday integrates them into the story well and she also has the ability to have Maddie say No and keep things short and sweet.

This book makes me laugh out loud, and escape into the frivolous world that Maddie lives in, which is what I really needed. I'm hopefully going to be able to pick up the rest of the books in this series from the used book store later this week. I think I have said it before but fans of Janet Evanovich or Stephanie Bond will enjoy this series as well.


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