Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kathryn Fox: Malicious Intent

In her debut novel Kathryn Fox who is a medical practitioner with a special interest in forensic medicine introduces her readers to the world of forensic pathology, medicine and murder.

Dr. Anya Crichton has recently decided to go into practice for herself by offering her services as a expert witness, but work coming in has been slow. So she is forced to take an investigation from a brother whose sister who had OD and believed to have committed suicide in a bathroom stall. He does not see to care that she is dead, more about whether she had disgraced her family further by sleeping with a man before she died. Anya does not like his attitude, but she needs the money, so she agrees to look into the case and the autopsy report. However, while investigating this girl's overdoes she discovers striking similarities between cases involving a number of women and a number of suicides. As Anya looks deeper into each girl's death she realizes some gruesome pathological findings that she and the medical community have never seen before, which points to the frighteningly possibility that the deaths of these women are not only linked but apart of some sick game that she has unknowingly played a major role....

I really enjoyed this booked, it had me thinking the whole way through which I loved. Fox was quickly able to describe the world of forensic pathology, though I do think it went more into a PI investigation as the book went on. However, she was always able to always bring it back to the medical evidence. I appreciate the fact that she did not get too technical with the medical terminology, so those of us that have not study medicine can understand what was going on and what the anomalies in the case were. This helps the book flow really easily and did not have me stopping to scratch my head and question what was just written. The build up for information and evidence may be slow in parts but that is what part of a real investigation is about, especially if you are outside the community looking in.

I really liked Dr. Anya Crichton as a character and how she struggled with having her role as a doctor and a mother. You could just tell that she relished every moment with her son, Brad, and how she hated when her work took her away from him. You can tell that her true passion was for her work and helping the families of those who have had a loved one pass away or helping a victim who has been sexually assaulted. Anya had her flaws too, but she was always focused on helping others and the importance of life. There are some secondary character within the book as well, but they are not as developed as Anya, for the most part you get your impressions about those other characters through their interaction with Anya. I do no think that this causes the book to be lacking, I think it helps create more mystery within the book because you really don't know who Anya can trust, from her exhusband to, her best friend Kate who is a detective in the local police force to Lawyer Dan Brody who seems to be the only one who will give her some work.
I think that Kathryn Fox has found a second calling in writing. It is nice to see that a doctor and medical practitioner who can write something that one can not only understand, but is well written novel that has all the making a great medical thriller book.

Individuals who have enjoyed Patricia Cornwall and Kathy Reich in the past need to pick up this book by Fox. They won't be disappointed.


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  1. I couldn't wait for you to finish this book. I ran across it one time but kept running. Now I'm a little upset. It seems to be a good read. I'm intrigued by forensics and things of that matter. Thanks for your review, I will def be picking this one up!

  2. That looks good! It is going in my TBRP! I have Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs sitting in my current pile :) Thanks for the review!

    I'm a new follower ^_^