Friday, January 28, 2011

L.K. Rigel: Space Junque

In her debut indie paranormal genre, LK Rigel takes on a fast, fun and sexy journey through space.

Char, need to leave earth NOW! Things have changed dramatically in the past years, with mutations to the human race and the animals Earth is no longer safe for anyone to live, especially if they are using technology, as there is a Rebel group call DOGs who want to see technology purged from Earth. Her last hope is to reach the shuttle leading to the universal space station, but any technology could be a target, she just has to hope that her luck will stay with her. When she arrives at the airport all hell breaks loose the shuttle she was going to take is destroyed and her only hope is Jake Ardri, pilot of the shuttle Space Junque. Char gets off the planet just in time, the destruction of the DOGs goes global, now Char is left wondering if she will be able to survive in space and how long it will be before that is gone too.

This novel really is fast, fun and sexy. It is a short story about 88 pages on my nook, it is fun as we get to visit space (it has been awhile since I have read a space based book) and it is sexy, as there is some good romance in the book. What makes me like this book more than most paranormal romance books is the sex scenes were short and sweet (well I guess one would be consider wham bam thank you ma'am but they did not extend for pages and pages). This book is a fun easy read, that anyone could read in a few hours, be entertained and escape their own life for awhile. However, I did get a touch confused in parts of the book that got a bit too spacey, but space books are not really what I normally read, so those who read these type of books would like them. The spacey stuff is not that constant that I was lost, just confused at the very most. I was also a little confused about the Ghost mutation/gene, I do not think that it was fully explained and in the first few pages when she is talking about Ghost, I thought she is talking about Spirit Ghosts.

Rigel creates quite a world for such a short and seems to have a gift for world building as they were able to create a complete world within 88 pages. I have read some novels where it takes more than 200 pages to create a world, granted some of these may be a more complex world, other are not, but either was I think it takes talent to write a short story  where the world and plot are complete, than a longer story.

So if you are looking for a quick read in a genre you may not normally read, just to get a flavour for it I would recommend this book to you. You get a good taste of the paranormal romance space genre with this book. Also if you are looking for a quick romance book for a change after reading your last thriller, this will fit your needs as well. Plus it is an Indie book and we should all support more India authors


I dont really have any books on my website that are similar to this one yet, so sorry I cannot recommend something else if you also like this book. I do know that Rigel does have a sequel coming out to this books called Spiderwork, so keep you eyes open for that one.

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