Sunday, August 14, 2011

Faith Hunter: Blood Cross

The second book is a continuation of the first book, as Jane's contract has been extended to cover another task. Therefore, you will probably want to read the first book Skinwalker before you pick up Blood Cross.

Faith Hunter is back with Jane Yellowrock, skinwalker, who is on the trail of the vampire who is creating young rouge vampires who have been terrorizing the street of New Orleans.

Jane Yellowrock is a skinwalker. Only those who are closest to her know of this power, though the Vampires of New Orleans are determined to find out what Jane really is. Jane's contract by the vampire counsel has been extended. She has been charged with finding the rouge maker and putting a stop to them once and for all. As Jane does her nightly patrols she is finding more and more young ones are risings. But these grave sites are different, they have a witch aspect to them, something that Jane has never seen before and even more strange is Jane swears that the Vampire she just killed was lucid when she put her stake in her. As Jane digs deeper she discovers a grisly past, one that involves the sacrificing witch children that has a deadly game for anyone who has investigated into the missing witch children before.

Faith Hunter has created a series that is easy to read, fast paced, that has great mystery, and introduced new ideas to the paranormal genre. These aspects are key these days to keep readers interested and I know that I am seeing how the series develops after reading this book.

I Love Beast. I think that Beast is the most interesting aspect in Hunter's Jane Yellowrock series. The Beast aspect is something completely unique that you do not get in other skinwalker or were books. Beast is the reason that I will continue coming back to this series. I like the interaction between Jane and Beast and how they teach each other something, though I'm sure Beast won't admit it. In this book we do not get to learn too much about Beast and how Jane and Beast came together, but we do get  look into Jane's past. It was nice to have Hunter explore Jane, where and when she came from. All the details have not been filled in yet, but I think that Jane exploring her past is a great step in her character development in the book

I really like that Hunter has not taken the move to paranormal romance with a touch of mystery. Yes, there is tension between the Joe (also now known as Rick now) and Bruiser, but it does not over power the whole story. Plus if you were wondering from the first book which one Jane and Beast choose, you find out in this book (no I'm not going to say, you have to read it for yourself). It is just nice to have the romance as secondary, and have Jane focus on her job and discovering who she and Beast are.

The one thing I wish this book had more was action. There are very few action scenes except for the big one at the end. I wish there was a little more of the vampire hunting going on. However, the addition of Derek-lee and his "army" was a nice support for Jane, when she cannot rely on the cops.

This is turning into a really good series, and I like that Hunter is not afraid to take some risks and introduce some different aspects into a fairly over saturated paranormal genre. I look forward to picking up and reading the next book in this series.


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  1. Looks like a great new series. I haven't read Skinwalker so will have to pick that up. New follower :)