Sunday, August 28, 2011

Layton Green: The Egyptian

Available today, the sequel to Layton Green's Dominic Grey Series The Summoner, you will want to read the first book in the series The Summoner before you read this books as it explains how Grey became part of the private investigator business and the relationships that Grey has developed. 

In the Egyptian Green ventures into a cult that has been around since the rise of man who is on the search for eternal life and will stop at nothing to find it.

Dominic does not know what to make of his life after Africa. He was rebuffed by Nya, who he thought was the one person who understood him but now he finds himself in Manhattan, alone. However, Viktor has a job for Grey, a purpose that he hopes will help to take his mind off the past events that he is unable to forget. The job seems simple enough, though he is not getting too much information from his employed; find a test tube that has been stolen from his laboratories as it is the key to his research. Grey delves into the world to science cults and the need to search for eternal life. But what Grey does not know that this type of research cult has appeared in some form since the dawn of Man and that people throughout the centuries are willing to do anything to live forever, even if it means leaving bodies in their wake.

This book had me hooked from the opening chapter, with the reintroduction of Grey and with the mysterious happening within an Egyptian graveyard. I did not realize how much I missed reading about Grey till the book was in my hands, I needed to know more and know what was going to happen next. Green has a great ability to mold a great thriller novel with a touch of supernatural aspect, and make it feel that the supernatural aspect could be true. With lots of mystery, suspense and thrills, The Egyptian will not disappoint readers.

The one thing that really stands out about Green is his ability to create several well rounded and realistic characters within his books. He has his main characters but his secondary characters are also well developed. You feel like you not only get to know all the characters both the good guys and the bad guys, that you get more than one side of the story, which makes the twists and turns all that more interesting

I think that the partnership of Grey and Viktor is a great thing, they both have strengths and weaknesses that compliment each other. Though I do hope in future novel we get to see more of Viktor's fighting style just based off the sword like knife that he likes to carry. I liked that Green developed Grey's character further by showing the reader further aspects of his past and his struggle to come to terms with what happen in Africa and Nya and really what is his purpose in life and where is he going. I also enjoyed that we got to see Grey use more of his jujitsu training and it seems accurate from my sources about the abilities that Green portrays within the book. I just really like Grey as a character overall, everything I want as a main male character, tough, serious, able to fight with a touch of a sensitive side.

In the first one it was a little slow when the explaining of the Juju religious aspect. This book I did get a little lost in the biological aspect in the book. I understood most of it, but it has been a few years since I took a biology class, so at times it was a little overwhelming. However, I understand Green's need to explain the medical side of things, as it adds more context and importance to the product and just proves the research that he did. It did not take from my overall enjoyment of the book, just created that a little bit of a slow part.

If you are looking for a great read I recommend Green's Dominic Grey Series. It is well written, with well developed plot and character, with lost of action mystery and suspense that will keep you coming back for more. Green is a author to watch out for and to mark on your calender when his next book is going to come out. 

All I can say is I want more Dominic Grey.

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  1. This is a new author to me. I definitely will be checking it out. Thanks for the review.

  2. Great review - I really liked both The Summoner and the Egyptian as well

    Shelleyrae @ book'd Out

  3. Thanks for the recommendation about Layton Green. I am hearing nothing but good things about his books. Rae