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Blogoversary Author Interview: Layton Green

Hi Everyone,

I am very happy to be starting off my Blogoversary with an awesome indie author, whose first two books had me on the edge of my seat wanting to know what will happen next. 

Please Welcome LAYTON GREEN to Blood Rose Books today!

You chose to write within the Thriller genre, do you think that this genre is one of the harder ones to break into because of author such as James Patterson and Jeffery Archer who have a very set fan base?
Well, my series is more of a cross-genre series dealing with two protagonists that investigate bizarre and pathological cults around the globe, and it encompasses the thriller, mystery/suspense, and religious/paranormal (in a subtle way) genres. I think that makes it harder to break into each genre individually, but perhaps also easier to carve out and establish a niche due to the uniqueness of the concept. 

What do you think makes your Dominic Grey Series unique within the thriller genre?
I think the cult angle makes them unique. Also, the first book, The Summoner, is more of a mystery with thriller elements, and the second, The Egyptian, is more of a thriller with mystery elements. I plan to continue keeping the books fresh and novel as the series moves forward, but they will all contain mystery/thriller/suspense elements. 

What do you think would be the hardest or most challenging genre to write a novel in and why?
I think science fiction would be extremely challenging. I think the best science fiction novels are incredibly inventive, and require a handle on literature, science, philosophy, and other disciplines, as well as a prescient ability to predict technological advances. I am not normally a science fiction fan, but some of the greats (H.G. Wells, Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury, Dan Simmons) have given us some of our best literature. 

As an indie author, it appears that you have had great success getting your novels out there. What is your secret?
I wish I had one. I work very hard on trying to write great novels and reaching out to fans, and I can only hope that will continue to pay off in the future. Oh, and I welcome Lady Luck with open arms. 

You are very well traveled (I will say that I am very jealous of the amount of traveling you have been able to accomplish), will Dominic Grey be visiting all the places you have had the privilege to visit? And do you think that by visiting so many places that you have been better able to draw on and from cultures all over the world?
Without a doubt, my travels have shaped my worldview and my novels. I have many plans for Dominic Grey’s future travel itinerary . . . . 

You know quite a bit of the Juju religion, what has been your experience with Juju and what inspired you about it to write your first novel as it as the feature aspect?
I always thought it would be interesting to research the history of Voodoo, and that led me to Juju, the study of which fascinated me. It seemed to fit well with the Zimbabwe setting, so I went with it for the first Dominic Grey novel. 

Did you start out with creating Dominic Grey first, or the idea of a story and Grey developed out of what was needed in the story.
I decided I want to combine a number of elements in a series (cult investigations, travel, Jujitsu, etc.), and it all just sort of came together. But I think I had the two characters (Grey and Viktor) in my head before I had the idea for The Summoner.

What is the appeal of religious cults to you? Which cult in the world (new or old) are you most intrigued by?
Tough question. Anything theological or supernatural has always interested me, from the history of religions to mythology (often intertwined with religion) to vampire flicks and ghost stories. If a book or movie has a religious or paranormal element, I am probably interested. Part of me loves to ponder the origin and nature of the universe, and part of me just loves a great story. I can’t say that one cult interests me above all others. 

Do you have any information on upcoming works or events that you are able to share?
The second novel in the Dominic Grey series was just released (August 2011), and the third will be released next year. There might be another surprise or two in the interim . . . as for events, please visit the website ( or the Facebook page for information. I love visitors! 

What is one book on your shelf that you cannot wait to read (can either be a new or old favorite)?
I could reread The Magus by John Fowles ad nauseam, and I am looking very forward to reading Rock Paper Tiger, The Informationist and also The Magician King. 

I want to Thank Layton for agreeing to be part of my blogoversary and I really reccommend both of his Dominic Grey books, you can check out my reviews of The Summoner and The Egyption they are some great reads and you will not be disappointed.  Also check out Layton's website for more information, Thank You once again Layton.

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