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Blogoversary Author Interview & Giveaway: T. C. Lotempio

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I am very pleased to have the following author with us today. Her book was one of the first indie books that I ever read and lets just say that I am now hooked.

Please Welcome TONI LOTEMPIO to Blood Rose Books Today

The paranormal genre has grown in the past 5 years. Why did you decide to write within this genre and how do you think your books stand out?
I’ve always been a fan of anything supernatural – my dad took me to horror movies when I was little and I loved, loved, loved the soap opera DARK SHADOWS. I try to put elements in my books that aren’t as commonplace, like voodoo and parallel time to try and set them apart from the normal vamp/were/witch. 

You began your author career with Bound by Blood, which you have classified as paranormal suspense, why did you choose to change to paranormal romance?
I love the mystery/suspense genre, have ever since I started reading Nancy Drew/Perry Mason when I was a kid. But romances sell better, so I made the switch. I’d classify my books more as romantic suspense. There are people who don’t’ think I have enough romance in ‘em.
What do you think would be the hardest or most challenging genre to write a novel in and why?
I think maybe a techno-thriller would be tough to write for me. I’m not very scientific oriented. Throw in stuff about chromosomes and biological splits and I’m totally lost. I’m also not very big on books about war, unless it’s space aliens. Then I might be interested. 

You are a staff reporter and a reviewer for other author’s books, do you think that reviewing other people’s works have helped you become a better author?
Absolutely! I think any kind of writing that you do helps you become a better writer. The more you do something, the better you get at it. 
What do you think that the most important thing for a reviewer to do when they are writing a review for a book?
I think it’s important to keep an open mind and to be very honest in your opinion of the book. I try not to be influenced by other reviews I might have read and to judge it on its own merit.

In No Rest for the Wicca, you have chosen to focus on voodoo, what appealed to you about voodoo over “regular” witchcraft?
I thought the dark side of voodoo, or “hoodoo” as it’s called, might be more interesting to write about – the lwas, or gods, the customs – and let’s not forget the zombies! I thought it might be something different.

Have you had any personal experience with voodoo?
Does buying one of those little dolls made to look like your boss so you can stick pins in it count? LOL. No, I have no personal experience. I did get much more interested in it after I saw the movie THE SKELETON KEY. That was the inspiration for another of my novels put out by Whiskey Creek Press, EBONY.

As an indie author, what has been the most challenging aspect in getting your book out there for people to read?
Finding time to do it all J It’s a lot of work – blog tours, doing interview, etc. Got to juggle a lot when you also work a 9-5 day job.
Do you have any information on upcoming works or events that you are able to share?
I’m planning on releasing a Raven Grace novella around the holidays, and next year I’ll be releasing a YA indie with a tie –in to the Dark Shadows Movie in April. Maybe another paranormal/uf, but now that I have an agent I’ll have to wait and see. He’s got first dibs on my new manuscripts! 

What is one book on your shelf that you cannot wait to read (can either be a new or old favorite).
I can’t wait to read Michelle Rowen’s new paranormal mysteries featuring her character from BITTEN AND SMITTEN, Sarah Dearly! Unfortunately they won’t be out till 2012! Right now I’m going through Mary Janice Davidson’s Undead series – I’m up to book five.

I want to Thank Toni, for being part of my Blogversary. You can find out more about Toni's books by checking out my review of her No Rest For The Wicca novel and by Checking out her webiste: Toni Lotempio PNR Author. Toni has agreed to participate in an interview and she is giving away ONE Ebook copy of No Rest for the Wicca as well as ONE Ebook copy of Raven's Kiss. Thank You once again Toni for taking the time for this interview and giveaway, and I'm very excited for your next books.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the interview and for the opportunity to get to know your readers! For more news on upcoming events, be sure to check my blog: We will be having interviews with some great paranormal authors in the next few months, MARY JANICE DAVIDSON, MICHELLE ROWEN, and JEANIENE FROST! and look for some special announcements from me and ROCCO about new releases of my own!