Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sable Grace: Ascension

In her debut novel Sable Grace introduces the reader to a world that is still controlled by the Greek Gods, but have the vampires working for them in order to protect their Chosen:

Kyana is a rare breed, considered an abomination by some as she is Half Vampire half Lychen, but it is this combination that makes her the best Hunter within the Order. Kyana has embraced more of the vampire side of her, but when the Gates of Hell have been reopened she is going to have to rely on both sides in order to close the gate, protect those that she loves and keep herself alive. Although Kyana has been given help from the Gods, the Gods are becoming weak and there is more to the gates being open, it is a conspiracy in the true sense, destroy those in power, and there may be nothing that Kyana is able to do to stop them.

This book was okay, but I was not as entertained by the book compared to other debuts that I have read this year. There was something missing in this book that would move it from okay to great and I think that it was the overall flow of the story that did not work for me. It seemed too pieced together, that it lacked the natural flow to the story. I think that Grace was attempting to do too much and mix too many genre in order to achieve it. I commend Grace though, for trying something new and different in an over saturated paranormal genre but I think it was just too much to try in her debut

I found I was unable to connect with Kyana, the main character. She was too full of herself and fell into the typical female lead in this genre, which I wish that authors within this genre would get away from. She was headstrong, would not list to other people's opinions and had to prove that she could do everything herself. She is the best hunter in the Order yet she still felt like she had something to prove. Also I wasn't crazy about her interaction with Ryker, they are supposed to have history and heat and want for each other, but I never really believed it in their interactions. I think Ryker is an interesting character and his path with Ares I think will be interesting, I just do not see him and Kyana together.

I disliked where Grace ended the book. The novel was already short, there could have been one more push at the end there, instead of what I feel back to where they were in the beginning, but starting again. It felt like one big circle and Grace was unsure how and when to end the book, so she just decided to end it now. I think Grace could have continued the novel a little bit longer and started the Hunt in this book, I think it would have rounded out the book better and it would have left the book off in a better place.

This was an okay debut, but I think that I had more issues with the novel than likes. I think that once Grace is able to hit her stride as an author and does not try to do too much in her novels they will be a must read. I may read the next book within this series, but it is not on my Must Read list.


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  1. The 'mixing genres' is a problem - authors should stick to the tried and true, or make something entirely new. These 'hunger games + Twilight + a dash of Harry Potter + lotsa sex' attempts at novels are getting tiresome and they obscure the line of sight to better books.
    -Mac Campbell