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Blogoversary: Author Interview & Giveaway: Richard Kadrey

Hi Everyone,
Today we have an author who has a dark and gritty style of writing that I personally LOVE. and could not put down his first novel

Please Welcome RICHARD KADREY to Blood Rose Books Today!

I like that you have stated that it has been stated on your website that you have “no qualification for anything he does”. Do you agree with this statement? Do you think you had an easier or harder time getting your books published because of this and why?
I was a terrible student and barely made it through high school. The I was tossed out of college. The “no qualifications” line is me encouraging other underachievers to keep working at what they love. A diploma won’t get you published. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with making it through school. I sometimes envy those who did, but being largely self-taught I want other people know that they can do it too.

When you created the Sandman Slim series did you create Stark first or the world?
The genesis of the series is a common one for writers but probably a frustrating one for readers because there was no master plan. The series came from two sentences, each in a different notebook. The first sentence was, “Hitman from Hell.” The second was, “Name for a character: Sandman Slim.” That’s it. After that it was simply a matter of following the logic of where Stark came from, where he was going and what he wanted.

What was the appeal of writing the Sandman Slim series in the Heaven vs. Hell type book?
George Bush gets all the credit for that even though he sure as hell wouldn’t want it. When Bush and his fundamentalist Christian cronies came to power I didn’t understand them so I started reading about the history of the Christianity. That led me to the Gnostics, the heretical Biblical books and the history of the Devil. Over 2000 years there have been a lot of competing theories about how the universe really works. It seemed to me that these stories could form the background for a fantasy story as well as any of the usual fairy and folktales. 

It appears that you have created a new or different structure of Heaven, Hell and how they interact with each other and those people on Earth, did you do any research on Heaven and Hell or created it how you thought it could be?
I did a lot of research. The religious elements that form the story background come from a lot of different religious and magical sects that I tossed into a blender and set on puree. I wanted to create my own mythology within the context of a specific belief system but not be tied to any single line of thought o rules. Partly it was more fun and partly I didn’t want readers to get too far ahead of the story if they figured out certain Gnostic or Kabbalistic ideas. I wanted to be able to surprise everyone, even those who recognized the more obscure bits of religious theory I was playing with.

Stark clearly has the anti-hero thing going for him, what do you think is the appeal of the anti-hero?
I don’t believe in anti-heroes. Few so-called heroes ever set out to be one. Anti-heroes are people who are just a little more vocal about not wanting to be dragged into saving a sinking ship, a busload of kittens of the world.

It has been stated by another reviewer that your books are similar to a Noir style film, do you have any interest in writing and developing a Noir film?
Sandman Slim has been optioned and a screenwriter is working on a first draft of the script right now. I helped develop the screen story but I have no idea if any of my ideas will be in the final script. It’s been fun learning more about how movies are made but in the end the movie belongs to the producers and the books belong to me.

You have a history in comic books and a passion for photography, any thoughts of combining the tow together?
No. When I finish a book my brain is so full of words that I’m almost incoherent. I have to get away from words to I go to photography, a purely visual medium. After a while, my brain fills full of images and I run back to words. Writing and photography are the cure for each other. As for comics, I’m talking over some ideas with a publisher right now but nothing has been signed so I can’t say much more than that.

Do you have any information on upcoming works or events that you are able to share?
I’m working on the fourth Sandman Slim book right now. It starts exactly 100 days after book three, Aloha From Hell. The next three books are built on a story arc that I hope will rewrite the history of everything in the universe.
What is one book on your shelf that you cannot wait to read (can either be a new one or an old favorite).
The Contortionist's Handbook by Craig Clevenger.

I really want to thank Ricahrd for being part of my Blogoversary. I really enjoy his writing style, honesty, and the characters he has created. Richard's publisher has very kindly donated 2 copies of the second book in the Sandman slim series Kill the Dead (Giveaway information before). To find out more information about Richard and the Sandman Slim book, check out my review of Sandman Slim as well as Richard's website. Thank You once again Richard!

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  1. Sorry to say I had not heard of your books, but after the interview I think I should be looking into them. Good questions, as always J9! Rae

  2. Fantastic interview! I'm very intrigued... Headed over to Amazon right now to check out your stuff.