Monday, February 17, 2014

Amanda Carlson: Cold Blooded

This is the third book in a series, and I do not think it would be enjoyed as a stand alone novel as you would be missing too many of the elements of the first two novels. Therefore, you need to read Full Blooded and Hot Blooded in order to enjoy this novel.

Amanda Carlson is back with her third book in her Jessica McClain series, and it is the most dangerous adventure yet:

Jessica McClain, just wanted to be reunited with her Mate and get on with her life, but she knows that cannot happen until she finds out what happened to her best friend who seems to have disappeared, along with a werewolf from her pack. But politics within the supernatural committee always seem to be standing in her way. To make matters worse the sorcerer community is after Jessica as they are convinced that she has a power needs to harness and are willing to do anything to achieve it, even if it means entering into a pact with Demons. With sorcerers and demons close on their tail, Jessica doesn't know if they are all going to survive this hunt.

This series really has something for everyone, as so many different types of elements and creatures featured within these books. I think fans of this series will be really happy to know that this book picks up right where Hot Blooded left off, and I mean right after, Carlson does not let any time pass in between. I will say that I think that this book, for me, was not as good as the second book Hot Blooded, which has been my favorite so far. I just felt that things that were a little too predictable or settled themselves too perfectly. I want Carlson to have more edge and darkness in her writing that we got a hint from in the second book. I especially did not like the convenient way that the "mates" seem to lining up and falling into place and it just sounds like Carlson may try to attempt spin off books for each one.

Right now, Jessica is my favorite female heroine within a paranormal series. I find her to be such a well rounded character, and I cannot not find fault with the way that Carlson has portrayed her. She is loyal, witty, confident, has both strength and weakness, she has the complete package. I am also a big fan of Ray and I like how Carlson is developing his character, and it is something slightly new and different in her books so far. I personally like Ray as a character and how he is okay with challenging aspects that have been in place for years as he is a newbie in the paranormal world, but that is not a weakness to me.

There is more romance in this novel when compared to the second as we have the return of Rourke as a full time character in this novel, which means that there beasts need to settle a few things between them. The romance aspect is not my thing, but I appreciate that Carlson does not have too drawn out sex scenes and have them chapter after chapter, but I think those who like the romance and sex aspect in novels will enjoy having it (

Jessica is what keeps me coming back to this series, as she is a great character and I cannot wait to see her further develop. I am interested in knowing more about the background to the folk lore that seems to be driving everything in her life. I hope Carlson is a fast writer as I know her fans are going to want the next book as soon as possible.

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