Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jennifer Estep: Venom

If you're looking at this review you probably already know that there are two other books before this one in the series Spider's Bite and Web of Lies, both of which you need to read before this book as they give you Gin's past as well as set of her current relationship with her friends and enemies.

Jennifer Estep is back with her spider assassin series and the past is what drives Gin, but I don't think even she say this coming:

Gin always needs to keep a low profile whether she is in retirement or not, but there is something about a giant beating the crap out of her, that really makes her want to show her stuff, but she needs to keep her cool if she wants to get the chance to take on Mab Monroe. Although Gin's no longer on Mab's radar there is a new police detective in town who is now the target of Mab. She and I share the same type of need for revenge, but what do you expect when it's Gin's sister, back from the dead and now Gin wants to make sure that this time she is able to protect her.

As with any series you do not know if the future books are going to hold up over time and keep you are interested and invested as the first book. I am happy to say that so far Estep has kept up the pace, characters and plot so far. I like the direction of the book, and glad with the introduction of some new characters but also keep the same from the first two (for the most part). I enjoy that Estep is not afraid to have lots of action within her novel, and make them fast paced where readers like me can devour them. However, I do hope that sooner rather than later she has Gin and Mab face off as we all know that is the inevitable conclusion of this series. As there seems to be 11 books so far in this series, it makes me wonder how long Estep may plan to drag it out but i really hope she does not and is able to find a new plot line to follow (I do say this without reading any of the premises of the books that follow this one). 

I really like the development of Gin and Owen relationship as I have always liked him more than Donovan. I think Owen just has the personality and life style that is better suited to Gin, whether she is being Gin or the Spider. He just seems to understand and "get" her better. As for Gin, she is one of my favorite paranormal heroines out there, she has great set of morals and values, but at the same time she is not afraid to do what needs to be done and get her hands dirty.

I liked the introduction to Gin's sister Bria and how they are they are the same and want to achieve the same goals but are going about it in very different ways. I am interested in learning more of Bria's back-story and how her life turned out so differently than Gin's and I support Gin's way of wanting to get to know her and not what the folder says about her (even though I want to know).

I think I will always be a fan of Gin, she can do no wrong in my books. Estep knows how to keep this series interesting, different, and action packed. I'm excited to get my hands on the next book in this series.

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